TEDxBrownU 2014: Student Voices

TEDxBrownUniversity 2014

Student Voices: All Student Speaker Line-up. All Student Organized.

TEDxBrownU 2014 was held on April 5th, 2014 with the theme “Student Voices,” featuring 6 undergraduate student speakers who shared their passions and ideas with the Brown and Providence community. This event marked the first all-student organized TEDxBrownU event at Brown University. Watch the 2014 Talks.



How to Turn a Big Idea into Reality: Cliff Weitzman

Sea No Evil: Sabrina Imbler

To Loop or Not to Loop?: Ethan Blake

Teaching to the Brain: Alexandra Urban

The Language Deficit: Who's Invited to the Conversation? Amelia Friedman

Let's Eat Bugs: Melody Cao