Deciphering Mysteries of Our World and Beyond

Scientists and engineers are often perceived as living intellectual lives that are mysterious — simultaneously wondrous and arcane. The Brown University Presidential Colloquium Series, Thinking Out Loud: Deciphering Mysteries of Our World and Beyond, showcases profoundly creative and accomplished scholars who not only tackle some of the biggest “Big Questions” there are, but also skillfully communicate their inner visions to broad audiences. Like last year, this year’s Presidential Colloquium speakers consider a wide range of large, urgent and pervasive questions: Which will it be: a wondrous new age of humanity or robot Armageddon? What can math and statistics tell us about the biobugs racing through populations, now and in the future? How private can your private information be in the Internet age? Please join us to hear these very special minds Think Out Loud.

The Role of Contagion in the Building and Sustainability of Communities

Carlos Castillo-Chavez

Regents Professor, Joaquin Bustoz Jr. Professor of Mathematical Biology and Distinguished Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University (ASU)

April 11th at 5:30pm in IBES room 130, 85 Waterman St

Contagion is sneaky! All seems well until the Tipping Point, after which terrible things may happen — fast! The spread of fads, scientific ideas and the growth and stability of communities can also be understood as contagions. Come hear Carlos explain contagion in all its glory, including the role of initial conditions in meritocracy.

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