Deciphering Mysteries of Our World and Beyond

Scientists and engineers are often perceived as living intellectual lives that are mysterious — simultaneously wondrous and arcane. The Brown University Presidential Colloquium Series, Thinking Out Loud: Deciphering Mysteries of Our World and Beyond, showcases profoundly creative and accomplished scholars who not only tackle some of the biggest “Big Questions” there are, but also skillfully communicate their inner visions to broad audiences. This year, our speakers consider a wide range of large, urgent and pervasive questions: Why is speech so rare and what's it got to do with genes? If you can compute it to see it, can you be it? Is arthritis really a life sentence?   Can understanding the tiniest splicers lead to better health? Please join us to hear these very special minds Think Out Loud.

Harnessing Tech to Power Social Impact 

Lisa Gelobter

CEO and Founder at tEQuitable

Monday, April 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm
Institute at Brown for Environment & Society
85 Waterman St., Providence

In the age of #metoo, the impacts of bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace are recognized to be immediately harmful to the individual, but also have a long-ranging effect on the economic prosperity of entire disenfranchised populations. From the White House to tEQuitable, Lisa will be exploring how technology can be harnessed to solve this and other issues that especially target communities already in jeopardy.