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Emergency Medical Services
Confidential Sexual Assault Line

If you are in need of emergency medical treatment due to sudden sickness or injury, please call:

Confidential crisis support is available for any student dealing with sexual assault.


Medical Care

Medical Appointments
24/7 Nursing Advice

Patients are seen by appointment, so call ahead to schedule. You can reach our office by calling the number below. Appointments on the weekend are limited.

You can receive nursing advice by calling the number below:


COVID  Clinic: January 19, 2022

Health & Wellness will be holding a COVID vaccine clinic offering the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine boosters on Wednesday, January 19, from 10 AM to 2 PM. It will be located in Petteruti Lounge - Stephen Robert ‘62 Campus Center (Faunce House), 2nd Floor.  The clinic is open to all Brown students. Registration is required and we are unable to accept walk-ins at this time. Register for your preferred vaccine using the links below. 

Pfizer: https://qrco.de/BrownPfizer119 
Moderna: https://qrco.de/BrownModerna119

Once you receive your booster or if you already have, please upload a copy of your documentation to the Health and Wellness Patient Portal. To update your vaccination information via the portal:

Log in to the Health and Wellness Patient Portal using your Brown username and passwordSelect “Immunizations” at the top of the page and select “Enter Dates.”Scroll down to the “Other” section and choose the appropriate COVID-19 Booster vaccine.Select the calendar icon to select the date(s) on which you were vaccinated and then select “Submit.”Select “Upload” from the dropdown menu and select “Immunization Records Other.”Choose “Select File,” upload your vaccine card photo, and select “Upload.” All vaccination records will be stored confidentially.

COVID Testing for International Travel

Students planning to travel internationally may obtain a COVID test through the Verily testing system. This service is free to Brown students and the usual response time of 24-48 hrs is subject to testing timelines and demand. We recommend students book a COVID test through the Verily portal for the Alumnae Hall or Jewelry District locations. 

There is a back-up service available which provides immediate rapid PCR testing within one hour. This service is open to anyone in the local area and designed to provide results in light of upcoming international travel goals. You can learn more here: https://www.doctorstestcenters.com/flyri.

Care Over Winter Holiday: Pharmacy, EMS & Health Services

View our [email protected] communication here.

 Students are encouraged to request any necessary prescription refills prior to beginning winter holiday - we recommend you do so today. The Brown University pharmacy will close on Wednesday, December 22 at 5:00 PM and reopen on Monday, January 3 at 8:30 AM. Please plan accordingly. Learn more about transferring prescriptions: https://www.brown.edu/campus-life/health/services/pharmacy

Brown EMS will continue to provide Covid support for students in isolation or quarantine.  All requests for emergency medical services should be made by calling the Brown emergency number at 401-863-4111. 

Brown has partnered with HealthiestYou, a robust teleclinical service which offers students remote consultation with clinicians and mental health providers licensed throughout the country. Care provided by HealthiestYou providers is unlimited and there is no additional cost to students. Students can access telehealth and telemental health care via the HealthiestYou app 24/7 from any location by downloading the HealthiestYou app and creating an account today. Please reach out to HealthiestYou at 866.703.1259 for assistance with setting up an account. Learn more about accessing HealthiestYou care over the holidays.

Health Services will be offering care options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the holidays. Students will have access to remote nursing advice by calling 401-363-1330 or telehealth appointments via the HealthiestYou app. COVID support services for students that have been clinically assigned to isolate will continue throughout the break.

Most COVID testing sites will be closed during the break. Testing will be available at Alumnae Hall on Thursday, December 23 and Thursday, December 30 from 8am - 12pm. All asymptomatic testing locations will resume standard hours on Monday, January 3. View the Healthy Brown website for the comprehensive testing schedule: https://healthy.brown.edu/testing-tracing/testing-sites-and-hours. 

Brown University Health & Wellness Center: Multipurpose Room Use Policy

Following its dedication, the Center is now fully in use and we have received a number of student, staff and department inquiries regarding availability of the communal spaces, including the glass-walled multipurpose room. The multipurpose room is intended for Health & Wellness department sponsored or co-sponsored events only and it is unable to be booked. If you are interested in determining an event space, we recommend you reach out to University Scheduling. Those curious about the space are welcome to visit the new building which houses both the Brown University Health & Wellness Center and residence hall Sternlicht Commons.

Launching the HealthiestYou App - 9/21/21:

Health & Wellness is excited to announce remote telehealth and telemental health services available to Brown students, particularly those who are outside of the state of Rhode Island. In an effort to ensure we are offering you the highest quality and most quickly accessible care,  Brown has partnered with HealthiestYou, a robust teleclinical service which offers students remote consultation with clinicians and mental health providers licensed throughout the country. Students can access telehealth and telemental health care via the HealthiestYou app 24/7 from any location, especially while living, studying, or traveling outside of Rhode Island both nationally and internationally.

The app allows students to identify providers, find low-cost prescriptions, compare care prices, and can connect with their insurance. When going abroad, it is easiest for a student to use the app if they have established a pre-existing relationship with a HealthiestYou provider. This service is intended to supplement existing local resources to provide students with easily accessible and dependable care, regardless of location of study. The app will be available to all enrolled Brown students throughout the year, spanning the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Care provided by HealthiestYou providers is unlimited and there is no additional cost to students. 

We encourage students to take advantage of this offering when outside of Rhode Island by downloading the HealthiestYou app and creating their accounts today! Please reach out to HealthiestYou at 866.703.1259 for assistance with setting up an account.

Update on Addressing Students Needs 9/16/21:


As you know, the campus’ COVID status is being closely monitored and our ability to maintain an in person environment requires the efforts of the Brown Health Services team. As such, we are currently prioritizing the clinical needs of our community. This includes redirecting resources to efforts like managing student isolation, testing, and implementing critical health measures. 

We are aware that students have a need for routine care and health procedures, and we are dedicated to addressing these requests as quickly as possible. However, our staff temporarily may not have the capacity to handle non-immediate needs within a same-day period due to our heightened engagement in COVID response. This will be temporary but we are working to see that all student needs are met. We ask for your patience when requesting appointments and your trust that you will receive substantial and thoughtful care from our team.

To assist in our COVID response efforts, we encourage your continued observance of the University’s most recent health measures, including: 

  • Strict mask compliance for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, within an indoor setting;
  • Masking at outdoor events for all unvaccinated individuals, and masking for vaccinated individuals as required
  • Adhering to testing cadence and locations designated by your student and symptom status in the Verily system;
  • Limiting student gatherings to groups of 5 to avoid transmission in high risk settings among increased contacts, and; 
  • Taking advantage of vaccination offerings at Brown and within the Providence area.  

We thank you for your participation in safeguarding the campus community and will continue to provide you with high quality care in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.

Instructions for Uploading COVID-19 Vaccination Information

We recommend you access the patient portal via desktop as it will allow for an easier upload than mobile. To upload your card, open a browser window to https://patientportal.brown.edu and follow these instructions:

  • Enter your Brown username and password
  • Click on the Immunizations tab along the top and then choose "Enter Dates" 
  • Scroll towards the bottom to the "Other" section where you will find three COVID options - choose the appropriate option.
  • Click on the calendar icon to enter your dates
  • Click Submit which can be found over to the right (blue button) 
  • At the message, click on the X to close
  • Select Upload at the top of the screen
  • In the pulldown menu, choose "Immunization Records Other" 
  • Choose select file and browse to the location where you saved it (you will have to take a photo or scan the card and save it to your desktop first)
  • Click the blue Upload button

Required COVID Testing Documentation for Travel: Students departing campus may require COVID testing travel documentation prior to travel. To avoid delays and disappointment, we recommend all students confirm the required testing and documentation needed by checking with their airline and country of destination well in advance of travel. Most international destinations require proof of a recent negative COVID test prior to permitting individuals on board the flight, and again by customs controls upon arrival at the destination. Check if the airline and location require the results in a paper or digital format. 

To obtain a copy of your latest Verily test, please visit portal.ri.gov/results and enter your name, date of birth, date of test, and complete the captcha to access, download, and print your report. Only students have access to their full report, and Health Services will not be able to access or share a copy of the test report.

If you are required to show a negative test verified by a provider, please call Brown Health Services during open hours at 401.863.3953 to schedule a nursing appointment and bring a printed copy of your recent negative test result to be stamped. If you are unable to print a copy of your test result, please email your test result to [email protected] prior to your scheduled appointment. 

Further questions may also be directed to [email protected] 

Health Services will be closed on Monday, January 17. Health Services is located at the new Health & Wellness Center at 450 Brook St. Health Services providers are available for telehealth and in-person appointments during the hours listed below. The laboratory and pharmacy are also open during the hours listed below. Walk-ins are discouraged. Please call first to set up an appointment or to have your prescription filled.

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