Transportation Options

Transportation Options

EMS Transport

If you are too ill to get yourself to Health Services, you may call the Department of Public Safety at 401-863-4111 who will dispatch EMS for transport.    

Brown University Shuttle 

 A safety-oriented transportation service offered to the Brown community. 

Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS)

Contact SEAS about their shuttle service for transporting students with permanent and temporary disabilities from point to point on campus during scheduled hours.

Taxi Service

If you require transportation off campus for a medical issue, you can be given a cab voucher which can be used in lieu of cash at the time of transportation. We have an arrangement with a local cab company to transport you. The cost of the cab transportation is your financial responsibility and will be charged to your Bursar account listed as "HS Travel". 

Disability Access to Health Services

Health Services has an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible entrance to the left of the Brown Street entrance.  The building has a small elevator. Most appointments and services can be provided on the first floor.