Birth Control and Gynecological Care

Health Services provides gynecological (GYN) visits and a broad array of contraceptive options to currently enrolled Brown students. Like most primary care practices, all primary care providers at Health Services (including family physicians, internists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) offer GYN care. Call 401-863-3953 to schedule an appointment.

Gynecological Problems

  • pregnancy testing
  • period problems (irregular, absent or infrequent periods or cramps)
  • vaginal infections
  • concerns about sexually transmitted infections (STI) exposure or symptoms
  • periodic STI screening
  • free oral HIV testing
  • pain in the pelvic area
  • problems with sexual function
  • vaccination for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • any gynecological concern

Birth Control and Contraceptive Needs

  • counseling about all birth control options
  • Recent election & contraception access 
  • GYN visit to start contraceptive method
  • GYN visit to continue a birth control method you are already using
  • problems with contraceptive method you are using
  • routine GYN visit and pap smears
  • any contraceptive concern