Physicals Requiring Forms Completion

Call 401-863-3953 for an appointment for the following types of physical exams that may require forms to be completed by a medical provider:

  • travel abroad programs
  • pre-employment for summer programs or jobs
  • medical school electives or residency
  • scholarship programs such as Fulbright
  • post-graduate positions such as Peace Corps
  • scuba diving training
  • pre-participation in sports physicals for Brown varsity athletes completing in NCAA sports, when required by Brown

If you are bringing forms, please complete the patient required sections before your visit.

Routine Physicals

Medical professional groups such as the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the American Medical Association recommend that an annual physical is not necessary for most patients under the age of 40 with no history of chronic illness or risks.

The National Institute of Health suggests that two routine physicals or checkups in your twenties is adequate. Behavioral risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity or family  history may prompt  your provider to suggest more frequent checkups and screening tests.

If you are experiencing specific health problems (for example headaches, fatigue, cough), or if you think you need certain lab tests, please schedule an appointment, rather than a routine physical. At this visit you can discuss with your provider if you need a full physical.

Recommendations for Older Students

For students who are age 35 and older, the recommendations for screening and physical exam intervals become more complex. Screening for colorectal, breast and prostate cancer may be indicated depending on your age and history. If you fall into this age group, feel free to make an appointment to discuss further with a provider.

Recommended Blood Tests

It is recommended that young adults have one cholesterol screening. Other routine blood tests are usually not necessary, unless your provider identifies a particular risk or problem that indicates other testing.

Recommended Health Screenings

Though a routine annual physical is generally not necessary for young adults, some age related screening tests, exams and vaccines are recommended. 

Blood Pressure Checks

High blood pressure may increase your risk for many other conditions, and prompt other screening tests, such as cholesterol and diabetes screening.  Pressure checks are advised at least every two years and are often performed when you have a visit for other reasons such as a sore throat or injury.

Cholesterol blood test

This test screens for lipid disorders that may predispose to other cardiovascular problems and is advised once in young adulthood.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI)

Testing is advised for sexually active young adult men and women.

HIV testing

CDC advises HIV screening at least once and for all people aged 13-64 years regardless of risk, and that those at higher risk be retested at least annually.

Pap smear tests (screens for cervical cancer in women)

Testing is recommended at intervals starting at age 21. After the initial screening, the frequency of subsequent pap tests is determined by the result of the test. In many cases, the next pap will not be due for at least 3 years.

Pelvic (internal) and breast exams

Exams may be recommended at intervals by your provider depending on your age and your history as part of a gynecological visit.


Up to date and complete vaccinations are an important preventive measure. Your records will be reviewed when you enter Brown and updates may be recommended at a visit.

Vaccines for Sexual Health

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine series is recommended for all students, male and female, age 26 and under to prevent infection.

Hepatitis A vaccine is advised for men who have sex with men.