BWell Student Positions

BWell is committed to full student engagement in our work. For both our volunteer and paid positions, we actively recruit students who are interested in promoting health and wellness and committed to dismantling oppression and stigma and preventing harm. Positions do not require prior experience or participation unless specifically noted. 

Paid position openings are listed on this page and applications are available in Workday. Volunteer opportunities are posted on this page and on the BWell Facebook page. 

Paid Positions:

Position Title Contact E-mail Recruitment Schedule Application Open?
Student Office Worker [email protected] As needed  
Student Wellness Coordinator [email protected] As needed  
BURP Coordinator [email protected] As needed  
SHAG Coordinators [email protected] As needed  
SAPE Coordinators [email protected] As needed  
Masculinity 101 Coordinator [email protected] As needed  
HEALTHy Athletes Coordinator [email protected] As needed  
Social Wellness Coordinator [email protected] As needed  
Alcohol Educator (Graduate student position) [email protected] Spring  
Marketing and Graphic Design Coordinator [email protected] As needed
Graduate Office and Assessment Coordinator [email protected] As needed  
Graduate Hazing Prevention Coordinator [email protected] As needed  
Graduate Culture of Respect Program Coordinator [email protected] As needed Yes! See below.

Spring 2021: We are currently accepting applications for the Graduate Culture of Respect Program Coordinator. Apply in Workday.

Volunteer Positions:

Position Title Contact E-mail Recruitment Schedule Application Open?
BURP Volunteers [email protected] Beginning of Fall and Spring semesters Yes! E-mail [email protected]
SHAG Peer Educators [email protected] Recruitment Fall 2021  
SAPE Peer Educators [email protected] Recruitment Fall 2021  
Masculinity 101 Peer Educators [email protected] Recruitment Fall 2021  
BWell Orientation Committee Student Representatives [email protected] Fall  
Orientation Class Meeting Student Presenters [email protected] Spring  
Orientation Unit Meeting Student Facilitators [email protected] Summer   
Graduate Wellness Coordinator (Graduate student internship) [email protected] Fall and Spring  


  • 401.863-2794
    Health Promotion
  • 401.863-3953
    Health Services
  • 401.863-6000
    Sexual Assault Response Line
  • 401.863-4111
  • 401.863-3476
    Counseling & Psychological Services
  • 401.863-4111