Summer Health Continuing Students

Students Continuing Enrollment

The Health Services Fee assessed each semester provides access to care at Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) during the academic year. The summer health fee ($174.00) allows you to access care at Health Services or CAPS between May 29 and August 24, 2018.

Options for paying the Summer Health Fee

  • Charge your Bursar by submitting your information via google form or printing and mailing the form to Health Services .
  • Pay by credit card. Do not email credit card information
  • Pay in person or call Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services

You can use Health Services pharmacy without paying the summer health fee.

Students Completing Degree

If you are completing your degree, Congratulations! Regarding your eligibility and continuity of health care: 

After May 15th

  • You can still use Health Services or CAPS, however you will no longer be able to charge your Bursar bill if you need to pay for services/medical equiment (e.g. x-ray, pharmacy, crutches). You may pay by cash, check, Bear Bucks, or credit card. 

After May 27th

  • You will no longer be eligible for services at Health Services or CAPS; however, we can help coordinate your follow up care.
  • You may use pharmacy and lab for existing orders during the summer.
  • To transfer a prescription, please have your pharmacy call us at 401-863-7882.
  • If you are covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan, your coverage is in effect until August 15, 2017.