Summer Health Coverage

Students Continuing Enrollment

A Health Fee is assessed each semester to provide access to care at Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) during your semesters of study. The summer health fee ($185.00) allows students who are not part of summer semester to access care at Health Services and/or CAPS between June 1 and August 27, 2021. 

Any student who is not part of summer semester who has an in person or telehealth appointment with a Health Services or CAPS provider between June 1 and August 27 will have the one time summer health fee of $185 charged to their bursar account. If you have questions regarding this charge, please email [email protected]  

Students can use Health Services pharmacy without paying the summer health fee.

Students Completing Degree

If you are completing your degree, Congratulations! Regarding your eligibility and continuity of health care: 

After May 2nd

  • You will no longer be eligible for services at Health Services or CAPS; however, we can help coordinate your follow up care.
  • You may use pharmacy and lab for existing orders during the summer.
  • To transfer a prescription, please have your pharmacy call us at 401-863-7882.
  • If you are covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan, your coverage is in effect through August 14, 2021.