For Brown Parents

Alex Reyes, Dining and Functions Supervisor, greets Lisa Goddard '14, Sarah Goddard '14 and their Mother, Linda Moulton '77, on Mother's Day! Mother's Day

Membership at the Faculty Club affords special perks for you and your student:

  • Birthday Cake Celebrate your students' most recent success with a lunch or dinner with friends at the Club.
  • Order your specialty bakery take away item for your child's birthday, roomate's gift, or a special new someone on campus! (Chloe Kempf in photo at right)
  • Study groups welcome!
  • Missing a Holiday event with your family? Reserve a table for any or all of the following at the Club! Breakfast with Santa, Holiday Buffet, Valentine's, Easter Brunch, and/or Mother's Day!
  • Birthday CakeEnjoy the Club when you come to visit, whether for the talented students performances at Family Weekend or any other occasion. (Adrian Nadeau with parents, Randall & Ruth, at right)
  • Executive Chef Demonstrations; stay tuned to our website for our bi-monthly instructional events with Chef Dave!
  • Birthday Cake Change of dining venue! Our lovely historic facility lends itself to any occasion for your child to dine with other staff, faculty, administrators; relax and pamper your child with a fine dining meal today!
  • Let us do your shopping! Order a gift certificate for some special event!

"I joined the Faculty Club on behalf of my son when he was a Freshman at Brown. We live in Los Angeles, and I thought it would be a great way to reach out to my son across the miles and give him a feeling of home every once in a while.

When I was at Brown during "Family Weekend 2010", I attended a college information fair in Sayles Hall, and the Faculty Club had a table there. The services the Faculty Club offers were well explained by a friendy staffer. Later that weekend, I went to have a tour of the Club and signed up on the spot.

What a terrific decision! The Chef and Management of the Club are always coming up with fun, creative events and delicious menus. My son has been able to take advantage of some of these by inviting a friend to go with him for dinner. The staff and managers are always so gracious and welcoming and makes him feel at home.

Here are some of the ways we have used our membership:

- My son has gone to Oktoberfest and Clambake dinners as well as Easter Brunch.

- We have had 3 events for family and friends in the various beautifully appointed private rooms of the Faculty Club. One of those included taking a break with my son's roommate and family during move-in weekend and getting served lobster rolls by the Chef, himself!

- Due to the reciprocity agreement of the Brown Faculty Club, I have been able to attend lunches, dinners, lectures, concerts and tailgate activities offered by the USC Faculty Club in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, we have renewed our membership for our son's Sophomore Year!"

Diane Norocea