Function Guide: Room Information

Room Reservation

Space for all events must first be reserved through our Function Manager at least 72 hours in advance. Functions requested with less than 72 hours notice will be accepted at the discretion of the Club’s General Manager.  Space for functions will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  To reserve a private room for dinners, meetings, receptions or social gatherings, the following minimum food and beverage sales requirements are in effect:

Room Dimensions Capacity Dining Capacity Reception Evening Minimum Sales
Huttner Room
(includes Cornell Courtyard)
29' x 46' 140 200 $1,500
Portrait Room 16' x 44' 60 80 $650
Class of ‘52 Room 16' x 24' 30



Picerne Room 16' x 18' 24



Wriston Terrace
weather permitting
21' x 53' 30 50 $325
Kapstein Room 19' x 15' 24 32 $325
Carberry Room 8' x 10' 6   $100
Conference Room
(Self service only)
16' x 27' 30   $100
Entire Second Floor   90 112 $1,250
Entire First Floor
(Sat. & Sun. only)
  200 275 $5,500
Entire Club
(Sat. & Sun. only)
  300   $7,500

Note: Minimum food and beverage sales are defined as any item purchased that can be consumed. Items such as bar set-up charges, use of dance floor or piano, cake plating charge, our related services, tax, not apply to the minimum.

 *Minimum sales above are for evening functions and include food and beverage charges only. Daytime minimums are 1/2 the minimums shown above. The Entire First Floor and Entire Club are not available for Commencement/Reunion and additional weekends.

The Club would be delighted to host your wedding ceremony in addition to your reception.  There will be a fee of $2.00 per person with a minimum charge of $150.00, whichever is greater.  There will be an additional charge for rental equipment needed. All ceremony arrangements on premise must be approved by the Club prior to booking.

Management cannot guarantee specific room availability and reserves the right to reassign function rooms if guaranteed counts decline, regardless of deposits paid, to insure efficient utilization of facilities.

Deposit Requirements

All non-university functions require a non-refundable deposit within fourteen days in order to guarantee a booking. Deposits paid will be deducted from the final bill. Deposits will be based on the following:

Huttner Room - $850.00   All other rooms - $300.00   Entire floor or Club - $2000.00

*All social events are required to pay an additional non-refundable 35% of the estimated food and beverage cost, 60 days prior to event date.

Private rooms are reserved for 2 hours for breakfast and luncheon functions, 3 hours for dinner functions, and 4 hours for weekend social functions. Use of the facilities for additional time or for any time after 10:00 p.m. is subject to an overtime charge not to exceed $150.00 per hour.

Hours of Operation

Private breakfast functions requested 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday require a minimum guarantee of $100.00 in food and beverage sales.

The Club is closed on Monday and Tuesday evenings. We are oftentimes open for private functions meeting the required minimum food and beverage sales of $400.00. We encourage you to always call the Club first as we are happy to accommodate all requests. Please inquire regarding food and beverage minimum sales requirements during the non academic calendar year.

We will gladly open on Saturday and Sunday for private functions meeting the required minimum food and beverage sales.  Functions requested on Saturdays require a minimum guarantee of $1500.00 in food and beverage sales.  Functions requested on Sundays require a minimum guarantee of $3750.00 in food and beverage sales. Holiday weekends are subject to an increased food and beverage minimum.

Severe Weather Closing Policy

The Brown Faculty Club will close due to severe weather conditions when Brown University closes. Brown University announces closings by recording a message at (401) 863-3111.  If Brown University is open and the scheduled function is cancelled at any time, there will be a cancellation charge equal to the minimum food and beverage requirement for your function. In the event weather conditions improve during the day, the Club will consider opening for evening functions.  A recorded message will be available at (401) 863-3023. Functions cancelled less than 48 business hours in advance will result in a cancellation charge equal to the room minimum.


Parking is available on Bannister Street for Club patrons. Please inquire within upon arrival to obtain the required parking placard.  Please visit the  Transportation Office webpage for more information regarding parking in and around campus.

Lost and Found

Items left and found following your event will be stored in the third floor lost and found closet. Items will be stored for a maximum of 30 days. The Club will not be responsible for any lost item. Please inquire at the main office at 401-863-3023.

Meeting Materials

Packages for meetings will be accepted no more than 2 working days prior to the event.  Items must be addressed to the meeting contact with attention to the Club’s Function Manager.  Packages must be marked clearly with the name and date of the program and the total number of boxes shipped.  The Club is not responsible for boxes shipped to the Club or for boxes being shipped out of the Club. The Club will assist in this procedure if supplied with the necessary return documents.

The Club will not permit the affixing of anything to walls, floors, windows, shades, or ceilings with nails, staples, tape, or other substances. Please consult with Club management for assistance in displaying materials. Liability for damage to the premises will be charged accordingly. 

The Club does not accept responsibility for items left in the function room during such time as the room is not occupied or after the room is vacated.  A fee may be imposed if the Club is required to store any valuables.

Decorating and Special Materials

Decorations are welcome; however, they must comply with local health and safety laws.  Please note that rice, confetti, bird seed and open flame candles may not be used on Club premises.  Decorating items resulting in damage to the Club or additional clean up by Club staff, may result in damage or clean up charges being assessed.  All decorations and equipment brought in must be promptly removed after the function.

We request that napkins, wedding accessories and favors be brought in a minimum of two days before your function.  Seating arrangement placecards must be provided in alphabetical order.  Club management must be made aware of and approve of all specific items being brought into the Club for your event. 

A service charge may be applied to support arrangements for items provided by outside suppliers. Setup or breakdown of additional items which are not considered to be standard and included in the price of the event, may be subject to additional fees or charges.