Function Guide: Wine & Beer

We have organized our wine list to help you select the taste and style of wine that you will enjoy the most.  From beginning to end, and within each sub-heading, the wines are listed from those that are lighter and fruitier in style, to those that are heavier and fuller in body.  This means that the wines with taste similarities are grouped together.  We hope that this encourages you to experiment a bit and try some new and exciting variety of wines!

Wines by the Glass

Chardonnay, Canyon Ranch (California) $5.50
Cabernet Sauvignon, Canyon Ranch (California) $5.50
Merlot, Canyon Ranch (California) $5.50
Pinot Grigio, Canyon Ranch (Italy) $5.50
White Zinfandel, Canyon Ranch (California) $5.50
Sauvignon Blanc, Overstone (New Zealand) $8.00

House Wines

These wines are all delicious and sure to please.

Chardonnay, Canyon Ranch (California) $18.50
Cabernet Sauvignon, Canyon Ranch (California) $18.50
Merlot, Canyon Ranch (California) $18.50
White Zinfandel, Canyon Ranch (California) $18.50
Pinot Grigio, Canyon Ranch (Italy) $18.50

White Wines - Light, Dry to Medium & Full Bodied Fruity

These wines are listed from sweet to a slightly off dry in both fruit and flavor. They reach a lovely bouquet of Pear, Granny Apple and other fruits as they graduate on the list below.

Riesling, Chateau St. Michelle (Washington) $22.00
Pinot Grigio, Ecco Domani (Italy) $22.00
Sauvignon Blanc, Overstone (New Zealand) $29.00
Sauvignon Blanc, Tohu (New Zealand) $31.00

White Wines - Full Bodied, Drier

These wines display a medium bodied to fuller richness, distinct with Oak characters and hints of butter.

Chardonnay, Le Grand (France) $23.00

Lachamps Clos, Sancere Loire Valley (France) $32.00

Red Wines - Light, Fruity

These wines are fruiter with less tannis by nature.

Robert Mondovi Pinot Noir (California) $24.00
Red Zinfandel, Dancing Bull (California) $28.00
Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend (California) $22.00

Red Wines - Medium & Full Bodied, Fruity

These wines each radiate a fruity flavor. Proceed to the bold and higher tannin tastes, as they accelerate in falvor and richness in order.

Enrique Foster Malbec Ique (Argentina) $22.00
Shiraz, Jacob Creek (Australia) $23.00
Cabernet, Louis Martini (California) $24.00
Martin Codax Ergo Rioja (Spain) $28.00

Valpolicella, Ripasso: Secco Bertani (Italy) $39.00
Cabernet, Raymond Reserve (California) $54.00

Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

These are lovely starters with mains or for a celebration. They speak for themselves.

Totts, Brut (California) $18.50
Prosecco, Astoria (Italy) $34.00
Piper Sonoma Brut (California) $38.00
Domaine St. Michelle (Oregon) $28.00
Jules Beriter (California) $22.00
Please ask about our new, petite Astoria Prosecco $9.50

Beers from around the Globe

Sam Adams $4.00
Amstel Light $4.00
Heineken $4.00
Miller Lite $4.00
Corona $4.00
Sharp (non-alcoholic) $4.00

Inquire about our seasonal beer for only $4.50