Using Safewalk

Bruno says: There's always safety in numbers and Safewalk is just a phone call away!

The Brown University Safewalk Program is operated by student employees of the Department of Public Safety and is available for everyone at Brown.  As depicted in this video, Bruno reminds a student seen leaving the Athletic Complex and taking unsafe shortcuts to travel home to utilize the Safewalk Service as a way to enhance her personal safety at night.  We might also add that Safewalkers are some of the most personable students at Brown and are fun to hang out with!

Safewalk teams operate in teams of two and are equipped with a neon vest and portable radio, allowing direct communication with the Department of Public Safety.  They patrol the campus against the shuttle route and initiate 'walks' with individuals they see walking alone.  Community members can also call-in to request a Safewalk by calling (401)863-1079 or 3-1079 from any Blue Light Emergency or campus phone.  Safewalk hours are from 9pm-2:15am, Sunday through Thursday during the academic year only.

For more information about the Safewalk Program please visit the Department of Public Safety website.


We would like to offer a special thanks to Maggie Dunleavy, our student actress in the Bear Tips Safewalk video.