Brown Guardian Mobile Safety Application

Brown Guardian is a mobile application which enhances personal safety. 

There are three great things that you can do with Brown Guardian.

  1. Make Emergency Calls - Place a call and send approximate location and personal profile information to Brown’s Department of Public Safety (DPS)  when you need help in an emergency.  

  2. Send Emergency Tips to DPS - Send text tips - including photos-if you are in a situation that requires immediate assistance but circumstances do not allow you to make a call.

  3. Set a Safety Timer and Status - Set a timer before you set out for your destination.  If you don't deactivate the timer in the specified number of minutes, DPS will be notified and will call your phone to verify your safety.  They will also send a car to your approximate location to verify that you're OK.


Contact the IT Service Center with any questions about Brown Guardian.

Available 24x7
Available to all campus
No registration required