Reserving the Chapel

How do I request a reservation for a wedding or blessing ceremony?
All arrangements and reservations for weddings and blessing ceremonies are made through the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life (OCRL) at Brown University.  Please contact Leigh Kendall at

How far in advance can a reservation be made?
Because the chapel is in the center of the University's educational life and institutional demands take priority, OCRL will not accept reservations in advance of one year. We thank you for understanding these constraints. We encourage you to start planning the date of your service as soon as possible and to contact us with your proposed date; a minimum of six weeks' advance notice is usually required.

Reservations are not final until the attached application is completed and returned to our office with the appropriate fee, AND the reservation is confirmed by OCRL. We strongly discourage you from making any other arrangements for your service and reception until you have received a confirmation from OCRL.

We cannot hold dates for your wedding without the application and payment. If you have questions about possible dates for your service prior to completing the application, please e-mail Leigh Kendall at

What is the application process?
This web page contains a reservation form that you can download and complete and mail to OCRL. Your reservation will be formalized when you complete this application in full and submit it to OCRL with the appropriate fee. Please make sure to provide as many details as possible, including your names and addresses, phone numbers and emails, as well as the name of your officiant. Reservation requests are NOT PROCESSED until this form is completed and returned to OCRL with the fee. Please mail to:

Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life
Brown University
Box 1931
Providence, RI 02912

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SCHEDULING: From time to time, a reservation request may be refused at the discretion of OCRL. Among the reasons for this are scheduling priorities with University events. (Please see Frequently Asked Questions for scheduling restrictions.) Another reason for refusing an application is incomplete information on the form itself; so it's important to complete the form carefully.