Prayer and Meditation Rooms

Religiously Affiliated Spaces for Prayer

Brown Muslim Student Center
Morriss-Champlin Hall
Room 018

Brown-RISD Catholic Center
51 Prospect St.

Manning Chapel
2nd Floor of Manning Hall

Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Spaces

for students, faculty and staff:

Page-Robinson Hall
69 Brown St
Room 412

Sciences Library
201 Thayer St
12th floor
You can get the key from the service desk on Level A

Public Health Building
121 South Main Street
Room 243B

Alpert Medical School
222 Richmond St
4th floor, in the Fitness Center
This space only available for Med Students

Vartan Gregorian Quad
103 Thayer Street
Room 111
For card access, e-mail [email protected]

Map of Prayer SpacesMap of Prayer Spaces