Religious & Spiritual Communities and Services

Religious & Spiritual Groups at Brown University 

Below you will find a list of Religious & Spiritual Groups that meet on Brown University Campus, and are affiliated with the OCRL and Student Activities Office.  ** Some groups may update or add meeting times in the Spring 2023 semester. Please reach out to the listed contacts if you are interested in attending and have questions. For a multifaith calendar, see below.

If you currently run a group on campus that is not listed on our site, or need to update a current time/date for meetings, contact information, etc. please contact Chloe Clasper-Torch. If you are interested in starting a group, please visit the SAO website for more information. All religiously affilated groups on campus must have an approved Religious Life Associate (RLA).






 Affiliation Group Name General Information Weekly Meeting Time(s) & Location

Contacts: Religious Life Affiliates (RLAs)

Student Leaders(s)

Meditation & Multifaith Buddhism / Secular Buddhism  / Tibetan Buddhism / Zen Buddhism
Brown Meditation Community

The Brown Meditation Community (BMC) is a student-run group that meets for meditation sits. All identities and levels of experience are welcome at any sit.

Thursdays: 7 - 8 pm (First sit date of 2023 TBD)

Sundays: Starting 2023;  Final Sit time TBD

Manning Chapel

Student Leader: Justin Lu | [email protected]


SGI Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism College Hill Buddhists for Peace

College Hill Buddhists for Peace is a student group that promotes the practice of Nichiren Buddhism and the associated humanistic values of peace, culture and education. Our group is affiliated with Soka Gakkai International (SGI), the world’s largest lay Buddhist organization and a nongovernmental organization formally tied to the United Nations. SGI’s ultimate mission is to realize a world of lasting peace by awakening each person to his/her infinite potential we called Buddhahood. We regularly hold Buddhism introductory sessions for students of all background or affiliation to learn about the wisdom of Buddhist teachings and how to apply such philosophy in our daily lives on campus. We also hold Buddhism chanting sessions for students experience the more spiritual aspect of the practice.

Fridays: 5 - 6 pm (Spring 2023: meetings are held bi-mnthly. Please view the Events Calendar to see which dates meetings will be held).

Page-Robinson Hall 411


Alvin Huang, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry | [email protected]

Lisa Lambright | [email protected]

Paul Rochford Jr. | [email protected] 

Baha'i Faith Baha'i Faith at Brown University

The Baha'i Faith at Brown University meets regularly for devotions, study, consultation and social activities. The teachings of the Baha'i Faith include the oneness of humankind, the equality of women and men, the harmony of science and religion, elimination of all forms of prejudice, and the establishment of universal education and world peace.

Thursdays: 7:30 - 9 pm

Page-Robinson Hall 409

Questions and conversation are warmly invited. E-mail [email protected] for specific information.

RLA: Paul Smith | [email protected]

Student Leader: Asiyih Ehsani

Catholic Community
    Brown-RISD Catholic Community (BRCC)
    The Brown-RISD Catholic Community (BRCC) serves the students of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  Our purpose is to offer students opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ and to broaden their appreciation of their Catholic faith. We are a community of faith that strives to know, love, and serve God through divine worship, prayerful study, and charitable action.  We are  a diverse assembly bound together as a fellowship of believers seeking to communicate the love of God to one another and the broader community.


Sundays: 10:30 am and 8:30 pm (Held in Manning Chapel)

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays*: 12:05 pm

 Wednesdays*: 7:30 pm


Mondays 10:45 am; Wednesdays, 6:15 - 7:15  pm

*All Weekday Masses & Confession hours are held at the BRCC Center located at 51 Prospect St.

Please see the Events Calendar for Special Services

Father Edmund McCullough, O.P.Associate Chaplain of the University for the Catholic Community | [email protected] | 410-292-2514

Christina Germak, Campus Minister, Brown-RISD Catholic Community | [email protected] | 401-863-3314

Anglican Community
    Episcopal Ministry at Brown and RISD

S. Stephen’s is an Episcopal parish in the Diocese of Rhode Island and is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Located in the midst of Brown University, it serves the communities of Providence and beyond. S. Stephen’s has stood within the Anglo-Catholic tradition since its founding, and so the Mass or the Eucharist is at the center of our common life, with ancient and timeless ceremonial used to draw attention to the Living God in our very midst. We strive to be a diverse community and come from many various backgrounds, while united in One Body through our Lord Jesus Christ. All students are welcome at every mass.

Facebook | Instagram: @sstephensprov

Sundays: 10:00 am Mass

Saint Stephen' Episcopal Church

114 George Street


Benjamin Straley | r[email protected]

Protestant Christian Communities
Brown Protestant Community

An Ecumenical Protestant Community overseen by Associate Chaplain of the University for the Protestant Community.

Sundays: Worship 6:00 pm

Manning Hall

Tuesdays: Christian Mindfulness Service

6 - 7 pm

Manning Hall

Rev. Delphain Demosthenes, Associate Chaplain of the University for the Protestant Community | [email protected] | 401-863-2455

Atheletes in Action (AIA)

Athletes in Action is an interdenominational Christian fellowship for any/all college athletes or athletically minded students! AIA exists to help transform student-athletes into people who will become Total Athletes, people who maximize the unique potential for which God has made them, and people who pursue God in and through sport, academics, service, leadership and their future careers.

Contact group leaders for inforamtion at this time RLA:  

Jarrod Lynn | [email protected] 

The Branch Christian Fellowship

We are a Protestant Christian group serving Brown and RISD that gathers to worship God and love people through times in the Word and in prayer and through service.

Facebook | Instagram

Fridays: 8 pm

Manning Chapel


Lisa Yang | [email protected]

Graduate and Medical Student Christian Fellowship (A Ministry of InterVarsity)  

    The Brown Graduate & Medical Student Christian Fellowship encourages and equips graduate and medical students of all ethnicities to live as Christ’s disciples, following Christ as we seek to be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas, and structures of the university and professions. Our four commitments, by God’s grace are: Spiritual formation Evangelism & service Multi-cultural community Integration of faith, learning, & practice

      Mondays: 7 - 8:30 pm 
      Page-Robinson Hall 409

    RLA: Kathy Cooper | [email protected]

    InterVarsity Staff: Lauren Watka Atwood,
    Campus Minister with InterVarsity's Grad/Faculty Ministry | [email protected]

      Brown Staff Christian Fellowship 
            Brown Staff Christian Fellowship is open to all who identify as a Christian or who are curious about the Christian Faith. Our core members come from a diverse set of traditions. We put Jesus at the center of our lives, our minds and our hearts.
            Please feel free to enjoy your lunch during this time. It's totally OK to come in late and leave early. The important thing is that you show up. You will be blessed for it. 

          1st Friday of the month: 12 - 1pm

          South Street Landing Rm 493

              Staff Leaders: 
              Paulo Baptista | [email protected]
              Elizabeth Clark | [email protected]

              Salt & Light

              As a Christian ministry, Salt & Light ultimately seeks to provide a home for students looking to learn about, pursue, or grow their Christian faith in a campus context and through the lens of the Reformed theological tradition. We are officially affiliated with Reformed University Fellowship and have an ordained minister on staff. 

            Large Group Gatherings


            List Art Building 110

            Additional smaller gatherings throughout the week. Contact RLA for more information.

              RLA: Rev. Travis Hutchinson | [email protected]
            Hinduism Brown Hindu Students' Association Open to students who have a general belief in, or curiousity to learn more about, Hindu ideas and ideals.   See website to learn more about local service times.


            Swami Yogatmananda | [email protected]


            Islam Brown-RISD Muslim Life 

            Serving the undergraduate and graduate community at Brown.

            Fridays: 1 pm, Jumu'ah Prayer
            Kasper Multipurpose Room

            During academic year only

            Imam Amir A. Toft, Associate Chaplain of the University for the Muslim Community


            [email protected]


            Brown Muslim Students Association (BMSA)

            The BMSA intends to build a unified community — built upon the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ — that is open to all those who identify as Muslim or are interested in Islam, regardless of degree of practice. The BMSA strives to follow the Prophetic example of standing for justice among communities locally and globally, foster greater Islamic literacy among its members and the broader community in collaboration with the University’s Muslim Chaplain, and create strong bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood — appreciative of and enriched by differences — between members. Through these goals, the BMSA aims to enable members to build a deeper connection to Islam in every aspect of daily life.

            Please see website for further information.

            See website for for calendar of events THE BMSA is led by an Executive Board of seven undergraduates and advised by the University's Muslim Chaplain, the BMSA strives to serve the community's needs and create a welcoming environment for all.
            Judaism Brown-RISD Hillel

            Brown RISD Hillel encourages and supports a diversity of students as they explore, develop and deepen their Jewish identities. We are committed to having Judaism serve as a source of meaning and growth during their time on College Hill and in their lives after graduation.


            Facebook | Instagram

            For more information about weekly Friday night Shabbat meals & services, celebrating High Holy Days, and more, visit the Brown Risd Hillel website.


            Molly Goldmeier, Assistant Director at Brown RISD Hillel[email protected]

              Chabad House

            Chana and Mendel Laufer | [email protected] | [email protected] 

            Quaker/Religious Society of Friends
            Quakers at Brown 

            We hold a mid-week Meeting for Worship, with some social time before or after. Other than that, we are a loose group that has not even kept a record of who attends, but it consists of students, staff, and sometimes people not affiliated with Brown.

            Wednesdays: 12 pm 

            Page-Robinson Hall, Room 409 

            Sundays: 10 am at Providence Friends Meetong House, 99 Morris Ave.


            William Monroe | [email protected]

            Sikhi Brown University Sikh Students Association

            The purpose of the Brown University Sikh Student Association (SSA) is layered. At heart, we seek to cultivate a sangat, or community, at Brown by providing a space for people who share a connection to Sikhi to bond; discuss topical issues pertaining to Sikh populations across the globe; learn about Sikh history; join in prayer; and celebrate major holidays. More broadly, we hope to raise awareness and knowledge of our faith on campus by maintaining an active social media presence (@brownsikhs on Instagram), hosting inclusive events open to any interested students, and collaborating with other religious groups. Seva, or selfless service, is a core tenet of Sikhism, and we plan to honor it by engaging with problems facing the local Providence area. Finally, we strive to reach beyond city boundaries by organizing trips to the Boston gurdwara, or place of worship, and dialoguing with SSAs at other New England colleges—we are thrilled to host the first-ever New England inter-SSA conference featuring a panel of guest speakers and other special events at Brown this spring! 

            Fridays: 6 - 7 pm Page-Robinson Hall 411

            [email protected]

            Unitarian Universalist Brown University Unitarian Universalist Group (BUUUG)

            Brown University Unitarian Universalist Group offers college-agers from diverse backgrounds a place to find friendship and to explore their spiritual journeys in a faith community. All students from Brown, RISD, and other neighboring colleges, and anyone college-aged in the region, are welcome. Group members attend and participate in worship services, social action and more. They meet weekly in the Parish House. Activities include fireside worship, games, multi-faith forums, parties, trips, and overnights. Everyone is encouraged to help with ideas and planning. Lovingly nicknamed BUUUG, this UU campus group is co-affiliated with First Unitarian and the Office of the Chaplain & Religious Life at Brown.


            Sundays: 5 pm
            First Unitarian Church
            One Benevolent Street


            Cathy Seggel | 401-421-7970

            Student Leader:

            Caroline Dressler | [email protected]


            Interfaith Calendar

            This link will connect you to an online interfaith calendar which provides a full listing of all religious observances throughout the year.