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Students: Academic Accommodation Letter Notifications

Letters for approved academic accommodations
are obtained online!

SAS registered students with approved academic accommodations will utilize this student online portal to request their academic accommodation letters each semester.

Students must be granted access to the online portal. Contact SAS if you have approved academic accommodations but do not have access.

Please make these requests early in the semester. Late requests may result in not receiving accommodations in time for an exam/assignment.

Please note: Students who are not currently approved for this accommodation, but want to explore the academic acccommodation request process should contact SAS at 401-863-9588.

Please bookmark the link below:

Please use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers to access your letters online. Only the latest version of the Safari browser can properly access the PDF letters.

Once logged into the system, students can view detailed instructions on how to request accommodation letters and review our F.A.Q. section.

  • Select the class, checkmark needed approved accommodations, click Submit.
  • Faculty will receive an email notification that the accommodation letter is ready to view online.
  • Optional: Click Get Letter to download the PDF for your records or to send to faculty to describe how accommodations would be implemented.

If you have any questions about this system please email [email protected] or call 401-863-9588.