Forms and Registration Materials


Online Intake Form

Students who are not currently registered with SAS will need to complete the Online Intake Form. Your submission will be reviewed by a SAS staff member. Once reviewed and processed, you will be notified by our office and move on to the next steps below. After an Online Intake Form is processed with our office, you will have access to submit documentation and/or additional accommodation forms.
Please remember, the online intake form must first be completed and processed by SAS before you are able to upload documentation or submit accommodation request forms. SAS processes these forms during open business hours. Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm. If you submit your online intake form after hours, over the weekend, or on holidays, it will not be processed until the office reopens. Once submitted you will receive an automated confirmation email.


Verification Form

Requests for accommodations must be accompanied by documentation from a qualified evaluator. This qualified professional can provide a letter as described in our Documentation Guidelines or can use the Verification form to provide the necessary information. The Verification would be completed by the medical professional and then uploaded by the student to the Student File Upload. Please see the section on Documentation Guidelines for more information about complete documentation. This form is not typically used to document ADHD or LD. For those diagnoses typically a full neuropsychological evaluation is provided.


Documentation Guidelines

Our Documentation Guidelines explain the type of documentation that is needed when requesting accommodations/services under the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitiation Act of 1973.  


Housing Accommodations

If you have requested housing accommodations or will need additional help in the event of an emergency, you will need to complete the Online Housing Accommodation Request Form through the SAS Online Portal and DEEP: Disability Emergency Evacuation Program Enrollment Form

Dining Adjustments

Students can reach out to SAS at 401-863-9588 or email [email protected] to begin the registration and documentation process. As SAS staff assists with this process, we can also put you in touch with Dining Services for immediate support. Step by step information on the process of requesting dining adjustments can also be found on the Dining Services website.

Other Accommodations

Accommodation requests are reviewed and approved on the basis of documentation submitted to SAS. Please contact the SAS office at 401-863-9588 if you have any questions as to the specific services you are entitled to based on your documentation. Additional forms may be needed based on a student's specific needs and can be requested by phone or email. 

All of these forms/materials can be found at the links below or requested  by emailing [email protected].