Class of 2023

Class of '23,

As you are arriving at Brown, we wanted to remind you about some important events/information and review the process of registering with Student & Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS)!

Events to attend

  • SEAS will have a table at the Orientation Resource Fair on the Main Green on Saturday, September 1st, from 1 to 3 pm. Stop by to pick up handouts, enter our raffle and get questions answered!

  • SEAS will hold an Orientation for students and parents on Saturday, September 1st, from 4 pm to 5 pm in 85 Waterman, Room 130: Meet the SEAS director and some of the staff, get information about how accommodations and services work at Brown. There will also be a panel of students who will talk about their experience using accommodations and services!

  • SEAS Open House on Thursday, September 6th, from 2pm to 4pm. Stop in and visit the office at 20 Benevolent Street, first floor to have some refreshments and chat with the SEAS staff.

  • SEAS will conduct a Self Advocacy Workshop on Thursday, September 13th from 12:00 to 12:50pm Roberts Campus Center, room 225: Learn about the process of requesting accommodations; discuss how to work with your professors, access services such as Academic Support, Tutoring or the Writing Center, and make sure you know where to go if you have a question or a concern. The session is strongly recommended for any students that will be using academic accommodations!Z

Registering with SEAS and requesting accommodations

 If you hope to use accommodations or services and have not already done so, the first step is to complete and return the SEAS Information and Release Form as soon as possible. This – along with all other registration materials and documentation – should be sent directly to [email protected] or faxed to 401-863-1444.

 We are also attaching our Verification Form and Documentation Guidelines for your reference as you gather information to document your disability. Please make sure your documentation is complete by following the guidelines and contacting us with any questions. If possible, we encourage you to send this information in advance of an appointment to allow us time to review your materials and let you know if anything more is needed. We will always notify students via email when we receive documentation directly from a provider.

 Academic Accommodations are set up in person during a meeting with a SEAS staff member. This meeting is essential in making sure your needs are understood and matched with reasonable accommodations. It will also be when we explain how academic accommodations work at the college level and at Brown in particular. We are able to address a wide range of needs, both ongoing and temporary.

 Dining Accommodations are coordinated through SEAS as well. Students with significant food allergies and/or intolerances can register and complete the Dining Accommodation Request Form. This form can be found on our website or requested via email.

 Also, the Dining Services website has a lot of helpful information about safely navigating the dining halls with a food allergy or intolerance. It may be helpful to reference as a starting point:

 Housing accommodation requests were due by July 5th in order to have the greatest priority in the assignment process. If there are any needs you have not yet communicated, please call 401-863-9588 or email us right away to request a Housing Accommodation Request Form. Due to space limitations this time of year, it may not be possible to meet late requests before the semester begins.

 Parking accommodations for first year students are rare as many needs can be met with our campus transportation system. Requests for parking come through the SEAS office if they are disability-related. Please contact us by email, describe your disability-related reason for requesting parking, and request a SEAS Parking Accommodation Form if needed.

 The SEAS Shuttle provides transportation within the campus for students with mobility concerns. Rides are provided point-to-point and can be planned in advance or requested as needed. The SEAS Shuttle runs Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm. While students will still need to complete the general registration process, individuals with pressing mobility concerns can begin riding right away by calling the SEAS Shuttle directly at 401-225-9572 to request their first ride.

 After 7pm, riders can use the Brown University Shuttle on Call every evening from 7 pm to 1:45 am, Sunday through Wednesday; 7 pm to 2:45 am, Thursday through Saturday. The first time you ride you will need to register with this system. Make sure you let them know if you are a SEAS rider so that you receive priority and wheelchair access if needed. Shuttle on Call rides cannot be scheduled in advance - you must call to schedule rides when they are needed. To get started using this system call 401-863-1778.

Setting up a meeting with a SEAS professional staff member

Particularly if you are requesting academic accommodations, it will be important for you to meet with one of the SEAS staff at the start of the semester. In that meeting we will review your documentation, discuss your needs, and explain how the accommodation process works. Our staff is also available to meet with students who have specific questions/concerns or would like to discuss an issue in person as opposed to via email/phone. Appointments can be scheduled by calling the SEAS office at 401-863-9588.

Bob and Charlie Poole Mentoring Program

The Poole Mentoring Program connects first and second year students registered with SEAS to an upperclass student with a similar disability. Mentors can share tips about navigating Brown, and the program provides ways to meet other students with disabilities.  Watch for upcoming messages about the Poole Mentoring Program!

Recreation Fee Waiver

The recreation fee covers Brown undergraduate, graduate, and medical students for access to all recreational and fitness facilities and entrance to athletic events.  It does not cover intramural team participation or physical education classes.  The Recreation Fee can be waived for students with disabilities or medical conditions that may prevent them from using these facilities. To request a waiver based on a disability, contact SEAS at 401-863-9588 or [email protected]. All other requests should be directed to the Office of Campus Life at 401-863-1800.

 Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you!


 The SEAS Staff