DEEP: Disability Emergency Evacuation Program

DEEP: Disability Emergency Evacuation Program Enrollment Information

Fire Alarm Building Evacuation Procedures for Students with Disabilities Participating in DEEP.

Registering with DEEP will help Brown Public Safety to be aware that in the event of an emergency you may be unable to evacuate, and may still be in the building.

If you are in your residence hall room and are unable to evacuate:

  1. Call Public Safety (401-863-4111). Make sure they are aware you are still in the building. If there is no answer, leave a message about the alarm, telling them who you are, where you are, and that you need assistance. If the line is busy, proceed to step 2 and call 911.
  2. If you think no one is aware of your presence, don’t hesitate to call
    the Fire Department (dial 9-1-1). Tell them:
    • A fire alarm is sounding in your Brown residence hall
    • That you have a disability and need assistance
    • The name of your building and your room number
  3. If it is necessary for you to get out of the building, the fire personnel can carry you right from your room or bed. Be prepared to explain the quickest way to disengage any equipment to facilitate the evacuation and give any other necessary instructions. Evacuation will occur only if necessary.

Note: Public Safety will be provided the room numbers of students with disabilities registered with DEEP. The fire department will conduct the rescue or evacuation if necessary.

If you are in your own room and believe you can safely exit without using an elevator, feel your door before opening it.

  • If the door is hot, do not open it. If possible, place a towel under the door and wait by the window so you will be spotted by anyone attempting to see if the room is occupied.
  • Place a bright object in the window to attract attention but do NOT break the window.
  • If you are able to safely leave, please make sure Brown Public Safety is aware that you are okay and out of the building.
  • If the fire alarm is sounding, NEVER use the elevators, as they are not operational during fire alarm activations.

If you are not in your room and use a wheelchair or another mobility vehicle or device:

  • If you cannot safely reach a ground floor and exit, go to the nearest outside stairwell. Stay on the landing, off to the side.
  • As a last resort, go to the nearest interior stairwell.
  • If a fire alarm is sounding, NEVER use the elevators.
  • Establish a "buddy system" for your residence hall and each of your classes. Your "buddy" can assist you in evacuating quickly or notify emergency personnel of your location in the event that you cannot leave the building without additional assistance.

Notes On Outfitting of Residence Hall Rooms

Rooms are equipped with local smoke detectors---these are room specific and will not activate the system (building) fire alarm; the fire department will not be dispatched. A local smoke alarm consists of a high pitched squeal. If these alarms are accidentally triggered, open windows and fan smoke out of the room.

Local smoke detectors are equipped with a red or green light, which flashes to indicate that the battery is functioning. If the light is not flashing, the battery is dead. Please call Residential Life (401-863-3500)/Facilities Management (401-863-7800), and the battery will be replaced within 24 hours.