Emergency Planning

All students, employees and visitors to Brown are encouraged to be familiar with the evacuation process for any venue they enter. Please make sure you obtain the information you will need to safely evacuate, especially if you have disability related concerns that may impact this process. If a fire alarm is sounding in a building, the elevators will not work.

Here are some suggestions if you are in a location where you cannot safely evacuate without assistance from emergency personnel:

  1. Make sure you know a safe location to wait for asisstance. This could be a stairwell with a fire door (exterior stairwells are best) or an office with a fire door. Look for designated Areas of Refuge or Rescue for the building as they have been identified as safe places to wait and should be known to rescuers. Areas of Refuge have communication devices and meet fire standards; Areas of Rescue are the safest places to wait for assistance in the absence of an area of refuge.
  2. If you are with someone who can evacuate, ask them to communicate with emergency personnel about your location and that you are unable to evacuate without assistance. It is better for them to evacuate so they can assist in getting rescue personnel to you faster; having a second person to rescue could also endanger both of you.
  3. Call 401-863-4111 to alert Brown's Department of Public safety about your location and request assistance evacuating. If the number is busy, call 911.
  4. If you are in a space with a window and can put something bright in the window, this may assist emergency personnel in locating you effectively; do NOT break the window.
  5. If you are in an office with a door that closes, you may want to press something wet along the door jamb (if possible) to prevent smoke from entering the space.

Disability Emergency Evacuation Program (DEEP)

If you spend ongoing time in a building where you will need assistance evacuating, we encourage you to register for the Disability Emergency Evacuation Plan (DEEP).  This program enables you to provide information about where you will be as well as your cell phone number and will prompt emergency personnel to check in with you in the event of an emergency. This plan is designed for use in places such as your residence hall or office. It is not possible for this plan to cover all buildings you may visit so make sure you follow the general instructions for all campus locations you have not listed.

Student DEEP page:

Employee DEEP page: