Employee Disability Parking

Employees that need accessible or closer parking can request it by completing a SEAS Parking Accommodation form. The form can be requested by emailing SEAS@brown.edu or calling 401-863-9588. Along with completing the form, employees will need to provide supporting documentation that meets our guidelines.

Accessible on campus parking can be approved for employees who hold their own valid state handicapped hang tag. This parking can be made available as long as the tag is valid. All usual parking fees will apply.  

Accessible parking can also be approved for those who do not have a valid hang tag, but how may need it temporarily or just within the Brown campus. Brown-approved accessible parking permits are valid only in Brown lots. What is assigned will be matched as closely as possible to your needs and available spaces.

In addition, the state of Rhode Island will allow anyone with a valid state handicapped hangtag to park in any legal street space for time frames that exceed that space's limitations. For example you can park all day in the 2 hour spaces, but you cannot park overnight since those spaces are not legal to park in overnight. In addition, street accessible (handicapped) spaces are listed on the campus accessibility map.