Faculty Access to SEAS Accommodation Letters

The online system will provide faculty access to SEAS approved academic accommodation letters that students have submitted for their courses. Faculty are able to log into this system and view accommodation letters for past and present semesters.

Teaching Assistants can be added by individual request. Please see below for details.

Students are still required to speak to faculty directly about their accommodations and confirm how they will be arranged.

Please bookmark the following URL and login to the system using your Brown username and password:


Please log into the system to review detailed instructions on how to access the letters.

Please only use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge browsers to access letters online. The Safari browser cannot properly produce the PDF letters that you need to access.

For TA access: AFTER an initial student has requested accommodations in a course, you can email to SEAS@brown.edu:

  • the teaching assistant's first and last name, 
  • Brown username,
  • the course code (ex. PHP 1234) and
  • the name of one student in the course who has requested accommodations.

SEAS staff can manually add the TA to access all student letters for the course.

 If you have any questions, please call SEAS at 401-863-9588 or email at SEAS@Brown.edu.