Accessing Student Accommodation Letters

Once students are approved for academic accommodations they will go online to generate a letter for faculty if they plan to request accommodations in a course. Faculty can view these accommodation letters by logging in to our online system using their Brown login and password:

Accommodation letters can be viewed by the course once they have been submitted, making it possible to make a list of all students who need accommodations for an upcoming exam. Students should also be meeting with faculty and bringing these letters in person to discuss how their accommodations will work in the particular course. If a student requests an accommodtion without providing a letter from SEAS, please refer them back to us. 

For TA/staff access: If a faculty member would like their TA or departmental staff to have access to accommodation letters via the online system, please email the below information to [email protected] after a student has requested accommodations in your course. SEAS can manually grant the TA/staff person access to all student letters for the course.

  • Course code (ex. CLPS 1234)
  • TA/Staff Email address
  • Brown ID number
  • Name of one student in the course who has requested accommodations.