Housing Accommodations

Housing Accommodation Policies and Procedures

In compliance with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Brown University students with documented disabilities may request special housing accommodations within the context of current housing policies.

Room Assignments

First year students are required to live in multiple-person rooms in traditional corridor-type residence halls; roommate selection is based on individual questionnaires distributed to all first-year students during the summer prior to their Fall admission. Transfer students are housed based on availability and are traditionally placed in multiple-person rooms. Residence halls are not air conditioned. Accessible rooms and restrooms are available in a variety of residence halls throughout the campus. A limited number of accessible spaces are available so priority for these is given to students who need access. Visual alarms and bed shakers can be provided in any residence hall on the campus.

Who Should Request Housing Accommodations?

Housing accommodations may be needed for students who feel that living in the traditional setting described may not work, for those who will need something additional in that setting, and for all students who need accessible rooms. Please make sure you contact SEAS as soon as possible to ensure the most effective accommodations can be in place.

Requests are granted specifically for the individual with a disability,  per Res. Life guidelines and it may not be possible to place large groups, assign other students to space they are not eligible for based on semester level, etc. The SEAS process cannot inherently grant additional permissions for anyone other than the student with a disability and Res. Life approval is always part of all placements.

All students approved for housing accommodations are eligible to partipate in DEEP, the Disability Emergency Evacuation Program. The DEEP list is distributed to Public Safety and, in the event of an emergency, to the Fire Department.

Dates & Deadlines for Housing Accommodation

Housing requests must be renewed on a yearly basis by submitting a new Housing Accommodation Request form to SEAS and providing updated documentation as needed. 

First year students entering-Fall:

July 5th - Fall Semester

First year students entering-mid-year:

December 15th - Spring Semester

Transfers and readmitting students:

July 5th - Fall Semester; December 15th - Spring Semester

Currently enrolled students:

February 5th - Next Academic Year

Procedures for Applying For Housing Accommodations

In order for disability-related housing accommodation requests to be considered, students must first be registered with the Office of Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS). In order to register with SEAS you must complete the following process:

  1. Contact SEAS and complete an Information & Release Form.
  2. Submit an Online Housing Accommodation Request for which requires a brief written explanation of your particular disability and why it requires some form of specialized housing consideration.
  3. Fax, deliver, or mail all documentation (a physician’s letter or psychoeducational report or other) certifying the disability and reasons for needing specialized housing accommodations. Fax: 401-863-1444
  4. Be mindful of housing deadlines, which are posted on the SEAS website.
  5. Applications not completed by housing deadlines will be accepted and considered, but there is no guarantee that late requests will be met before the semester begins. Completed applications include all forms and current documentation BEFORE the deadline.
  6. Please keep in mind that housing accommodations are only based on disability related needs and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Housing accommodations are not meant to be a means to circumvent the regular housing lottery process and are coordinated closely with Res. Life to make sure it's intergrity is maintained as much as possible. Our first priority is to accommodate your disability, while through the collective efforts of departments, we do try our best to meet preferences. Please know our priority is to find housing that fits the need of the student.
  7. Once housing accommodations are approved, you will be notified by Res. Life via email of your placement.

SEAS does not approve Off-Campus appeals/permission.

Off-Campus Requests and Appeals are a SEPARATE process through the Office of Residential Life.

If you have been denied permission for Off-Campus housing through the Residential Life process, and you have a medical or disability based need, the next step is to register with SEAS and request on-campus housing accommodations.

Note: July 5th is the deadline for priority consideration for housing accommodations. We will still accept requests after the deadline and work with Res Life at the end of the Summer to place with the best of our abilities for those who are approved for accommodations.

On-campus accommodations can meet most medical and disability related needs.

All components (documentation and forms) of your request must be completed and submitted to our office before the July 5th deadline.

Any requests or components submitted after the deadline will be processed in the order it was received.