Important Notices

New Online System for SAS Accommodation Letters

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is pleased to share the availabilityof an online process for faculty to access student accommodation letters. Instructors will receive an email notification from SAS with a link to retrieve electronic student accommodation letters through the SAS portal.  This replaced the previous process of students emailing instructors copies of their accommodation letters. 

Once students are approved for academic accommodations, they will be directed to go to the SAS portal to request a letter be made available for instructors in each of the courses where the student needs accommodations. Instructors will then receive an email, with instructions on how to view these accommodation letters by logging onto SAS’s online portal using their Brown login and password. Instructors will then be able to access accommodation letters at any time during the semester. 

Students should continue to communicate with instructors about the implementation of their accommodations. Student may still send a copy of the PDF letter to help with describing how accommodations would be implemented. It is important for instructors to remember that they can ask questions on how to best ensure access in class. However, students are not obligated to disclose their diagnosis, disability, or any other protected medical information. 

All students approved for academic accommodations with SAS will log into the portal to notify faculty

In the near future, SAS will launch a tool that will allow professors to run aggregate reports with student names sorted by accommodation type. Our goal is to reduce instructor work by organizing class accommodations by type. SAS will send a notification with this update when this tool is available.

We hope these new features will allow instructors earlier access to important information and streamline communication between students and instructors regarding students’ needs. If you have suggestions for further changes that can improve this process, or any questions about the new system, please email [email protected]  

To learn more about the retrieval process for student letters of accommodation please visit the Students: Academic Accomodation Letter Notification page.  

For instructions for faculty and instructors to retrieve the letters of accommodation from the SAS portal, please visit Faculty: Online Portal Instructions for Accommodations Letters