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Accommodations Letters Online Portal Instructions for Faculty

Accommodations Letters Online Portal Instructions for Faculty

The SAS centralized database has web features that allow students to request accommodation letters online. The request automatically sends a notification to faculty in the form of an email message. The message contains a link to an online portal where faculty can review the letters, organized by course or by students alphabetically.  We are working toward adding additional functionality where faculty will be able to complete a form and receive a spreadsheet aggregating student names by accommodation type for each class.  SAS is aiming to to make managing accommodations with students as convenient as possible.  It faculty have questions about utilizing this portal please reach out to [email protected].

Faculty: How to access letters online

SAS Instructor Letters Web Portal Link

The first step is to login via the typical shibboleth screen.  Use your Brown username and password.

The first screen has general information and is the Help option at the top.

Instructor View OneInstructor View One












Faculty can either click on Courses to choose among their classes or can click on Accommodations Letters to see all the letters for students in alphabetical order for all classes.

Instructor View TwoInstructor View Two




Instructor view threeInstructor view three








Then faculty can click on the View Letter button to be able to download a PDF Student letter to review it.

Instructor View FourInstructor View Four

Instructor View FiveInstructor View Five













After using the controls above to view the letter, faculty should then click Submit to acknowledge receiving it.

Instructor View SixInstructor View Six









When finished reviewing student letters, click the Log Out link on the top right and close the browser tab.