Event Accessibility

Brown University has a variety of accessible venues but there are a few locations with more limited access. Being aware of locations with limitations and working with the Scheduling Office or the Student Activities Office to reserve an accessible space is important so that all members of the campus community, and the community at large are able to participate equally. Look to the lower part of the page for venue information.

When planning an event, please include the following statement so that people can contact  you to request services or accommodations. Please put your own department or student group contact person or email in your statement. Event accommodations should be coordinated by the department or group hosting the event. SAS can serve as a consultant for groups. Please do not use SAS contact information in your statements.

Recommended text for accessibility requests in promotional materials.

"To request accommodations for a disability-related need, please reach out to (provide department or student group contact name, email address, and phone number here) as far in advance of the event as possible. Thank you."

 Accessibility Planning Requirements:

1. SELECT AN ACCESSIBLE VENUE WHEN SCHEDULING YOUR EVENT IF IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, THE BROWN COMMUNITY AT LARGE OR YOU HAVE KNOWN ACCESSIBILITY NEEDS IN YOUR GROUP. This can be done directly through 25Live or by contacting the scheduling office. To choose an accessible location in 25live when selecting your event location, go to the advanced search button and click inside the “Features" box. A dropdown menu will appear. Select “ADA Compliant Bldg” which is the first item on the list. 

2. DESIGNATE A PERSON TO MANAGE ACCOMMODATION OR SERVICE REQUESTS: Each group hosting an event will need to have a contact person for accommodations who can work with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office at 401-863-9588 if your group needs information about accessibility or assistance getting services or accommodations in place; PLEASE NOTE that requests for sign language interpreters or CART can take a week or longer to arrange.

3. INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT ON ALL EVENT ADVERTISEMENTS, INCLUDING POSTERS, EMAILS, SOCIAL MEDIA POSTINGS: "To request accommodations for a disability-related need, please reach out to (provide department or student group contact name, email address, and phone number here) as far in advance of the event as possible. Thank you."

4. PROVIDE AT LEAST TWO WEEKS OF NOTICE ABOUT EVENTS TO ALLOW THOSE WHO NEED ACCOMMODATIONS OR SERVICES TIME TO REQUEST THEM WITH ENOUGH NOTICE FOR THE ORGANIZERS TO SET THEM UP: It is usually reasonable to ask people to request accommodations with some advance notice before an event, provided you have given them adequate time to provide that notice. You will need to make a reasonable attempt to meet all requests, regardless of when they come in; please consult with SAS office if you believe a request cannot be met.

5. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND HOW ACCESSIBILITY WORKS IN THE VENUE WHERE YOU ARE HOLDING THE EVENT: Check the list of venues below to see if the venue where you are hosting the event requires special accessibility instructions. Many spaces on campus are within older buildings and renovations have created access in sometimes creative or less obvious ways.

6. USE THE MICROPHONE AND MAKE SURE TO REQUEST THEM FOR ALL EVENTS WITH SPEAKERS: This step alone increases access significantly as many people have trouble hearing in large settings and if voices don't project; this is also essential for assistive listening systems to work and the whole point of them is to make it more possible that everyone on a larger space can hear well.

Accessible venues where additional information is needed to provide easy access:

  • Alumnae Hall: Access to this venue is off Pembroke Quad. An "invisible lift" is located to the right of the main steps. Lift keys are available in advance by contacting [email protected] or calling 401-863-9588 during business hours. DPS also has keys to these lifts. Accessible restrooms are available. There is no access to the second floor.
  • Page-Robinson Hall: The accessible entrance is off Brown Street near Waterman and all levels and restrooms are accessible.
  • List 120: The accessible entrance to this space is behind the building, just off Waterman Street. The accessible entrance must be unlocked by DPS (401-863-3322). Make sure you request this be done. Accessible restrooms are located in the basement, but require exiting through the accessible entrance and re-entering the building through the main entrance to reach the elevator.
  • MacMillan Hall: The entrance off Thayer Street requires use of a lift. No key is required, but we recommend directing visitors to use the accessible ramp off the courtyard facing the Sciences Library. MacMillan 115 and 117 each have different ways of accessing the front and rear of the room. Elevator access to the lower level is needed to reach the front of MacMillan 117. Please make sure you look at the space before the event so you can direct those needing access to the correct entrance or elevator as needed.
  • Manning Chapel: Enter using ramp on left side of main entrance (facing Quiet Green, heavy pull doors usually propped open).  Bathrooms on first and second floor.* Access to second floor chapel using stair lift, which must be operated by a custodian (phone numbers for operators are near lift). Please schedule to have a custodian available for all events.
  • Robert Center (Conference Room—225, Kasper Multipurpose Room, Petteruti Lounge, Faunce Memorial Room, Rainbow Meeting Room, The Underground):
    Main entrance
    under arch is accessible (switch-operated doors). Other accessible entrance is facing Main Green—use ramp to enter at basement level (switch-operated door).  Accessible bathrooms on levels 0, 1, 2.  Elevator access to every level (two elevators). 
    Conference Room and Faunce Memorial Room
    are both on second floor and accessible (push door, elevator access).
    Kasper Multipurpose Room
    is below level 0, and can be accessed using a lift on level 0.  
    The Underground
    is accessible (basement level).
    Petteruti Lounge
    is accessible (on west side of first floor). 
    Rainbow Meeting Room
    is accessible (elevator access, third floor, room 327).
  • Salomon Center for Teaching and Learning: The accessible entrance is on the front left of the building. Please make sure it is unlocked. Accessible seating for Salomon 101 is available in the front and rear of the auditorium. There is no stage access unless requested at least a week in advance - Facilities Management can assemble a ramp, but needs adequate notice. 
    Accessible seating for Salomon 001 is in the rear only. There is no access to the stage or front of the auditorium.
    There is an elevator located to the left end of the hallway in front of the main auditorium. This can access all levels, except the mid-stair level.
    The accessible entrance is on the left side of the building and has a power door button. The elevator is just inside the inner door of this entrance.
    There are inaccessible bathrooms located on a mid-level using the main stairway.
    An accessible bathroom is located on the lowest level and can be acessed via the elvator. Go left and around to the right, around the stairs and down a hallway on the other side of the building.
  • Sayles Hall: The accessible entrance is on the right (south) side of the building to the rear. Please make sure it is unlocked. There is a small elevator that does not require a key that  goes from the lower level to the first floor. ONLY the lower level and first level of Sayles (the main hall and first floor classrooms) are accessible. Accessible restrooms are available on the lower level.
  • Sharp Refectory (Dining Room 7, Dining Room 8, Dining Room 9, Chancellor’s Dining Room, President’s Dining Room):
    Main entrance is accessible (switch-operated door).
    Elevator is immediately to the right after entrance, and goes down to the Ivy Room (basement level) and up to the main dining area (first floor).
    Accessible bathrooms on basement level (pull door). All dining rooms are on the first floor and are accessible.*
  • Vartan Gregorian Quad (116-A, 116-B, 116-C, 116-D, 116-E, 116-F): First entrance (closest to Thayer St) is accessible but does not have switch-operated door.  This is the only entrance that can access room 116-F, which is up a few stairs from the rest of the rooms.  To access the other rooms, use the door after the first entrance, which has doors that say “automatic.”  This leads to a pull door that opens to a hallway with rooms 116-A to E and accessible bathrooms. All rooms are accessible.

Accessibility Contacts:

For event accessibility consultation or to request a universal lift key, please contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at:

401-863-9588 (phone)
[email protected] (e-mail).

Conferences & Events:

(401) 863-3100

Scheduling Office:

(401) 863-6217


Student Activities Office

 Telephone: (401) 863-2341
[email protected]

Campus Accessibility Map

Brown University has an accessibility map that provide information about naviagting the campus and accessing its facilities. The map includes information about paths of travel, lift locations, and accessible parking, among other things.  2022 Accessibility Map