Note Receiver Instructions

SEAS Notes Online!

Please use the link below to access the main page and then bookmark it for regular use. Instructions on using SEAS Online are on the pages each for Note Providers and Note Receivers at the links in the menu on the left.

If you have any questions, you can email or call SEAS at 401-863-9588. Thank you for your patience as we get this new system up and running.


Message to students requesting notes: SEAS has limited ability to monitor the note providing process. Please let us know right away if you run into any problems or if you no longer need notes:


To Instructors: Only one (1) note-taker is needed for each course. Thank you.

Requesting Notes with Course Instructors:

  • You can direct your professors to the announcement information provided in the SEAS online module that faculty can access. The information is provided for instructors in the "Help" section.
  • The announcement provides a statement for the instructor to read to the class and instructions for them to direct the note taker to the SEAS website to sign up.
  • Please remind your professors that the process is meant to be confidential.

Note providers will get set up through a separate process and will upload notes on SEAS Online portal.

Students who receive notes will be able to download notes from the SEAS Online portal confidentially.

 If you drop a course, PLEASE EMAIL SEAS@BROWN.EDU RIGHT AWAY so that if you are the only student receiving notes for a class we can notify the note provider that notes are no longer needed.

Do the following steps to request notes through the confidential SEAS Online portal.

Logging into SEAS Online:

  • Go to the SEAS Online web portal at this URL:

  • Bookmark this URL to access this portal when needed.
  • At the SEAS Online portal, click on the Course-Notes link.
  • There will be a Shibboleth authentication step to log in and then you will see a screen with a menu on the left side.
  • Click on Courses / Notes to see a list of your classes.

Requesting  Notes Online:

  • On the Courses page make sure the correct “Show term” semester is indicated.
  • For only for those courses that you need to receive notes click the “Change This” link to change the setting from No to Yes.
  • Click OK to “Please confirm that you require a Note provider…”
  • This is the request you make within the SEAS Online notes system.
  • Do this for only for courses where you need notes.

Downloading Lecture Notes:

  • In SEAS Online in your main Courses list you will see all courses where notes have been requested and a button where a note provider has been assigned and where notes are available for download.
  • If a note provider has not yet been assigned for a class, under the “My Lecture Notes” column it will indicate “N/A”
  • For classes where a note provider has been assigned, it will have a Notes button to click.
  • If no notes are available, clicking Notes will show the notes list indicating “There are no notes currently available for download.”
  • If notes are available in a class, they will be listed by submission date.
  • Click View notes to download the notes file.
  • Click View download history to see any previous notes you have already accessed.
  • Click Back to courses to return to the course list page.
  • Click Logout to exit the SEAS Online notes portal.

Other navigation menu items:

  • There is an FAQ page to answer basic questions.
  • There is a page to submit comments
  • There is a link to log out when done.

Tips to Help Get a Note-provider:

  • If there seems to be a long delay in being able to get someone to become a notes provider, check back with your instructor to ask if anyone has volunteered.
  • If no volunteers, ask the professor to make the announcement again, even up to 3 or 4 times. Sometimes a volunteer will come forward after realizing no one else has volunteered.
  • If you have questions or concerns, you can email to ask for assistance.

Please email SEAS at or call 401-863-9588 if any questions or concerns.

If you drop a course, PLEASE EMAIL SEAS@BROWN.EDU RIGHT AWAY so that if you are the only student receiving notes for a class we can notify the note taker that notes are no longer needed.