Notes Software/Note Taking Assistance

Note Taking Assistance 

SAS recognizes that many students require assistance with the note taking in order to access classroom instruction.  For this reason SAS provides many modalities of technology and support for note taking.  These include the use of recording pens, student note takers and comprehensive note taking technology.


Recognizing the need for student independence, skill improvement, and the challenges of remote learning, SAS now primarily provides approved students with a robust note taking/recording tool, rather than relying on peer note takers. We are offering students access to the Glean notetaking software for note taking. Glean records and visualizes audio, so students can insert tags and type in notes that are synchronized with the audio. Outside of class, students can then go back to check and improve notes. The software provides increased involvement and flexibility as well as the ability to improve the quality of course notes, leading to better learning.


Should a student feel they are unable to utilize Glean effectively, we will work with them and consider other options.  

We now provide this exceptional tool based on feedback on the quality and reliability of peer notetakers as well as the flexibility that this notes tool gives students who may be taking classes both in person and remotely. We are committed to ensuring that all students at Brown have access to their academics. We are always glad to meet and discuss other options, including in person note takers, if for some reason note taking software or technology does not meet the student’s needs.


If you have any questions, if you would like to discuss note taking needs, you can email [email protected] or call SAS at 401-863-9588.  SAS is open M-F, 8:30am to 5pm.