Faculty: Notes Support

Notes Support Information for Course Instructors


We appreciate faculty reaching out on behalf of students with disabilities to source note providers for your course. We have changed our approach to notetaking to help serve students better. SAS has made two important changes to the note taking process.


1- We offer students access to the Glean notetaking software for note taking. This software is, going forward, our primary form of note taking support. Glean records and visualizes audio, so students can insert tags and type in notes that are synchronized with the audio.  The software provides flexibility for student users and the ability to improve the quality of their own notes. Should a student feel they are unable to access Glean, we will work with them and look at other options. 


2- Traditionally, we asked professors to recruit note providers from their classes.  To ease the burden on faculty, we are also posting note taking jobs on Workday. Moving forward, students can either serve as note providers for their own classes, or take notes for other classes as a regular campus job. This may make it easier for faculty to follow up with the class to find a student note taker. If we encounter a situation where the student needs a note taker and we cannot hire a student from the Workday pool, we will reach out to you to help us find a peer from the class to help.


We hope this will simplify the process and lead to better service, accessibility, and learning outcomes for students.


If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 401-863-9588.