Registering with SEAS 

Brown University neither imposes accommodations on students nor pre-empts their responsibility to disclose and define their disability and their need for accommodation. Self-identifying a disability, and asking for accommodation are personal decisions. If a student requests accommodations at Brown, he or she is responsible for completing the process of registering with Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS).

Steps to Take to Register

  • Contact the SEAS office by email ( or phone (401-863-9588) to request a SEAS Registration form and Documentation Guidelines
  • Complete the Registration form and return it to SEAS
  • Request documentation from an appropriate source (see Documentation Guidelines) and have it sent to SEAS
  • Complete additional forms for Academic, Housing, Dining, and Parking accommodations as directed
  • Schedule a time to meet with a SEAS staff member by calling 401-863-9588

The forms are available at this page:

Student Responsibilities

Although the SEAS assists students with disabilities, it is up to the student to take the initiative and remain actively involved in the accommodation process. If there are concerns about this process, or advice is needed in coming to a decision as to whether to seek accommodations, the SEAS office encourages students to call or stop by for a confidential review of the options available to them. Should a student then prefer not to self-identify, that decision will be understood, respected, and supported. Students seeking reasonable accommodations should be aware that it is their responsibility to:

  1. Supply supporting documentation to SEAS to determine appropriate services and accommodations.

  2. Request accommodations from SEAS with sufficient notice. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations, but accommodations are provided by offices across the campus and there are  deadlines for priority consideration for certain accommodations.

  3. Confirm the adequacy of accommodations as soon as possible and notify SEAS whenever they encounter unsatisfactory conditions.

  4. Approach faculty and staff in a confidential setting to discuss accommodations requested and deliver, in person, letters for request of accommodation from SEAS to faculty or staff.

  5. Obtain syllabi and lists of course materials for reproduction in alternate formats.

  6. Adhere to deadlines established by the SEAS, Residential Life, faculty, the Registrar, etc. for submission of documentation and requests for accommodations.

  7. Pursue financial aid or state vocational rehabilitation support for accommodations and personal equipment needs.

  8. Notify SEAS of pre-registered classes for the following semester so accessible space can be arranged if necessary.