Exam Support

Accommodations are implemented directly by course instructors. Most will reserve a separate room through the Scheduling Office or use office space within their respective department. Teaching assistants are often used as proctors or professors can schedule exam rooms near each other in order to check in regularly. The SEAS office is available to assist professors who may need help with any or all parts of these arrangements. Please note that we do not have a testing center, so we ask for at least 1 week’s advance notice, but will try to address any request the best we can.

For exam assistance, you may request support through the SEAS office if:

  • You are a Professor or Course Coordinator

  • You have attempted to make arrangements through your department administrator.


  • Your TAs or other course coordinators are unable to serve as a proctor.


Please send us an email at [email protected] for the faculty-only accommodation support form, we will then supply you with the form so you can formally request support. This form will provide us with all the necessary information to make arrangements. Please note if you have multiple in-class exams with the same arrangements, you can indicate that on the request so we can help with those too. Please fill out a separate request form for Finals or other exams that have different time frames.

We will start working on requests as soon as possible and will send out a confirmation email with details once it is finalized. If you have questions or need to add students to the list after a request is submitted, just send us a quick email at [email protected].