Determining Essential Components of a Course

This process is a critical piece in determining whether an individual is meeting all the necessaroy objectives and if an accommodation might fundamentally alter a program or course. The following questions should be answered with the goal of separating out what has always been done from the truly essential objectives and components.

What is the purpose of the program or course?

What are the outcome variables that are absolutely required of all participants?

  1. Course
    • What academic skills must be demonstrated?

    • What percentage of subject area knowledge must be mastered?

    • What specific knowledge, principles, or concepts must be mastered?
  2. Program
    • What skills or competencies will be needed in the field after graduation?

    • What are the requirements for licensing or professional accreditation?

What methods of instruction are non-negotiable, and why?

What methods of assessing outcome variables are absolutely necessary, and why?

What are acceptable levels of performance on these measures?

Essential requirements must be met either with or without accommodations. Elements outside of these parameters (things that are not essential) may be things for which alternate methods or products may be substituted.