Student Responsibilities

The decision to self-identify a disability and ask for accommodations is a personal one for students. If accommodations are requested at Brown, students must first complete the registration process with Student and Employee Accessibility Services. This process involves providing documentation regarding the student's disability to SEAS and meeting with us to discuss appropriate accommodations. Accommodations are not provided until a careful review of all the provided documentation is made. Guidelines for acceptable documentation may be found on the SEAS home page.

Registration with SEAS is not mandatory, but students who request accommodations are asked to use this process to receive them. The University is not required to provide accommodations to students who have not regsitered with and arranged accommodations through SEAS.

Although SEAS assists students with disabilities in many tasks, it is up to individuals to take the initiative and remain actively involved in the accommodation process. Students are responsible for requesting accommodations in a reasonable time frame and for reporting any concerns to SEAS. Students are also responsible for meeting with their instructors at the beginning of each semester to discuss their accommodations and understand how things will work for the particular course.