Summer Sports Camps – Disability, Accessibility

The Department of Athletics in conjunction with The School of Professional Studies offers Sports Camps for young athletes. SEAS (Student and Employee Accessibility Services) office assists qualified athletes by accommodations.

If you do not have a disability or medical condition and do not need any accommodations, you do not need to complete this process.


If you will be attending a Sports Camp and may need disability related accommodations please download and complete the "DASRF" PDF form and email it to [email protected]. Please be sure that this form is completed entirely so we can receive all of the necessary information. Athletes should check with parents/guardians and get assistance as needed to accurately complete the form.

Documenting needs

Available and relevant documentation can also be sent with the form. SEAS will review materials, confirm the status of the request, and indicate if additional documentation is required.

Please submit the DASRF (registration form) and documentation no later than two weeks prior to your arrival so that we have time to review and process your request. Requests made on short notice may result in supports not being immediately available.


SEAS can assist athletes with conditions including, but not limited to, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, allergies, mobility impairments, hearing impairments, vision impairments, and medical concerns. 


Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis and are typically based reported needs and documentation provided to support them. We will need to understand the impact of your condition on you so that we can determine what accommodations or supports may be applicable.

Common accommodations include:

  • Dining accommodations, e.g. gluten-free, special meals
  • Housing, e.g. single room, carpet free
  • On-campus shuttle for transportation within the campus
  • Additional accommodations  as applicable to athletes needs

Please note that:

Only Sports Camps where athletes will be staying in a Brown residence hall may require accommodations.

Residence halls are not air conditioned so athletes with a need for disability related climate control should make sure to register.

There are resources to help athletes with food-related allergies and other needs for accommodations navigate the options in the dining halls. First, please review the overview of how signage and options allow many athletes to manage without additional accommodations. If more assistance is needed, ongoing dining accommodations are coordinated through the Dining Services dietitian by calling 401-863-3343 or emailing [email protected]. Options could include using an online special meal request system, access to the Allergen Friendly Pantry, and guidance navigating the online information and dining halls. In addition, temporary dining accommodations can be provided using a Chef's card that is available on request when athletes swipe into one of the two main dining halls, the Sharpe Refectory (Ratty) and the Verney-Woolley (V-Dub). These cards can be used to request a special meal if an athlete arrives on a weekend and has not yet formally arranged accommodations, and will enable an athlete to request a meal that is gluten free or free of the following allergens: shellfish, soy, dairy, nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat, alcohol and fish. The menu options using this card are more limited and a meal is provided once the card is received so will take some additional time. 

If you have any questions on how to reach out to register for disability related accommodations please email [email protected] and one of our staff can follow up with you.