SEAS Shuttle

SEAS Shuttle Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The SEAS Shuttle service is a scheduled van service that runs from Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (8 am to 5 pm during daylight savings time). It transports students with permanent and temporary disabilities from point-to-point on campus.

Who is eligible?

Any enrolled student with either a permanent or temporary physical or mobility disability may request this service.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the shuttle, you must fill out a  SEAS on Call Shuttle Service Request Form. Supporting documentation regarding your disability will be requested in addition to this form.

You will also need to submit a schedule of times when you will need rides, including the pick-up and drop-off points. Once your request is approved by SEAS, you will be added to the schedule within 24 hours. After that, you will be ready to ride!

How does the service work?

The SEAS onCall shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at previously arranged locations. The time and place for each stop is tailored to your needs and determined by the requirements of your schedule. Service must be closely integrated so that the maximum number of students can be accommodated.

Will the SEAS onCall shuttle take me anywhere I want to go?

The shuttle will only take you between points on campus. You can neither be picked up nor dropped off at an off–campus location.

How do I make a change to the schedule?

If the change is permanent, or if you need to make multiple changes that can affect an entire day, contact the SEAS Shuttle Dispatcher at 401-225-9572 or via email. Please try to give at least 24 hours notice. Rides that you need for one time only, such as running errands, may also be arranged in advance. If you want to arrange a ride for one-time activities, please try to work within the confines of the existing schedule. 

What about last minute changes?

If you need to make a last-minute change regarding a specific pick-up on the same day, contact the shuttle dispatcher directly at the number provided to you once you are elgible to ride. They are equipped with a cell phone and can work with you to make the necessary change.

What if I miss my ride?

Don’t worry – you won’t be stranded! Just call the shuttle dispatcher and you can arrange another pick-up.

What about inclement weather?

Call the safeRIDE infromation line at 863-2322 to find out if the safeRIDE SEAS onCall shuttle is running. During business hours you can also contact the SEAS office at 863-9588.

What are your responsibilities as a rider?

  • Being on time to your pick-up points or notifying the driver if you will be late.
  • Updating the SEAS Shuttle Dispatcher regarding changes in your schedule with at least 24 hours notice.
  • Notifying SEAS about any changes in your status such that you will no longer need to take the shuttle.