Students: Registration

Registering with SAS

Brown University does not require students to disclose a disability or impose accommodations without consent. Self-identifying a disability and requesting accommodations are personal decisions. If a student requests accommodations at Brown, that individual is responsible for completing the SAS registration process.

While the general registration process is outlined below, our staff is available to work with students around specific questions/concerns that might arise. Please contact us at [email protected] or 401-863-9588 to communicate with a staff member directly about this process.  

SAS Online Portal is the homepage for students to access:

  • Registration (Intake Form)
  • Upload Student Files (documentation)
  • Submit Online Forms ((housing accommodations)
  • Academic Accommodation Letters


Update: December 7, 2022:  Effective immediately, documentation will no longer be accepted via email, fax, or in person. Students registered with SAS will be able to upload documentation directly to Student File Upload.   General Registration and SAS Online Portal FAQ are available at the bottom of this page.

 How to Register:

Step 1: Submit Online Intake Form 

Students who are not currently registered with SAS will need to complete the Online Intake Form. Your submission will be reviewed by a SAS staff member. Once reviewed and processed, you will be notified by our office and move on to the next steps below. After an Online Intake Form is processed with our office, you will have access to submit documentation and/or additional accommodation forms.

Please remember, the online intake form must first be completed and processed by SAS before you are able to upload documentation or submit accommodation request forms. SAS processes these forms during open business hours. Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm. If you submit your online intake form after hours, over the weekend, or on holidays, it will not be processed until the office reopens. Once submitted you will receive an automated confirmation email.

Step 2: Upload Documentation

Effective immediately, documentation will no longer be accepted via email, fax, or in person.

Students registered with SAS will be able to upload documentation directly to Student File Upload.  You and your provider may refer to the Documentation Guidelines to provide helpful information used to assess for reasonable accommodations.

Students can request an appropriate medical/clinical provider to complete our Verification Form. The student will then upload the documentation to the Student File Upload

Please  read our Documentation Guidelines which explains the type of  information that needs to be included in the Verification Form. 

Step 3: Meet with a SAS Staff Member 

After submitting the required documentation, registering students meet individually with a SAS staff member to review documentation, discuss needs, and learn about how the accommodation process works. Appointments for academic accommodations can be scheduled by calling the SAS office at 401-863-9588. If students are submitting documentation for dining accommodations, please also schedule an appointment with a Dining Services Nutritionist, at [email protected]  If students are interested in housing accommodations please refer to the Housing Accommodation page for more information.

We are glad to meet with students online or in person before a semester begins. These appointments are essential for students in need of academic support as we will officially approve accommodations and explain the process of communicating with faculty in this meeting. We can be reached at 401-863-9588 during weekday business hours.


Step 4: Communicate with Faculty About Implementing Approved Accommodations 

After meeting with a SAS staff member to review accommodations and needs, students will need to communicate with faculty and staff about the approved accommodations and implementation.  Students are required to do the following:

  1. Notify faculty of accommodation letters for each class via the SAS Student Online Portal

  2. The SAS Online system will notify the faculty via email to check for letters on the SAS Instructor Portal. Make sure to request the main section for any classes where accommodations are needed.

  3. Students can optionally click the Get Letter button to download a PDF to forward to instructors via email and describe how accommodations would be implemented. Student may also include a short narrative. We have provided some template  accommodation messagesto use in an email to the faculty. A short paragraph will suffice.

  4. Let the professor know in the email what is the best way to communicate to ask questions regarding the approved accommodations-- either by email, setting up a zoom, or an in person meeting.  

  5. Please remember that while the professor can ask questions as to how best ensure access in class, students have a right to privacy and students do not have to disclose any information about diagnosis, disability, or medical information.

 Please reach out to SAS if there are any questions: [email protected]

Other Student Responsibilities

While SAS will support and work with students throughout this process, students seeking accommodations should be aware that it is their responsibility to:

  1. Supply supporting documentation to SAS to determine appropriate services and accommodations.   

  2. Request accommodations from SAS with sufficient notice. Every effort will be made regardless of time constraints, but since implementing accommodations often involves several offices across campus there are  deadlines for priority consideration for certain supports.  

  3. Confirm the adequacy of accommodations as soon as possible and notify SAS whenever the student encounters unsatisfactory conditions.   

  4. Obtain syllabi and lists of course materials for reproduction in alternate formats (as needed).  

  5. Adhere to deadlines established by SAS, Residential Life, faculty, the Registrar, etc.   

  6. Pursue financial aid or state vocational rehabilitation support for things above and beyond accommodations, such as personal equipment needs.

  7. Notify SAS of pre-registered classes for the following semester so accessible space can be arranged (if necessary)


General Registration and SAS Online Portal FAQ 

How will I know if I am already registered with SAS?

If you have received approved accommodations in the past with SAS or if you previously submitted an Information & Release form and submitted documentation, this typically means you are registered with Student Accessibility Services.

What if I already submitted a request through the Residential Life Housing Accommodation portal?

If you have already successfully submitted a complete a housing accommodation request, you do not need to duplicate your request. Complete requests includes a registration form, supportive documentation, and housing accommodation request form. You would have a received a confirmation email from the Residential Life housing portal confirming you successfully submitted your request. If you are submitting a request for a new/different semester that is different than your ResLife housing portal request, then yes, you will submit a request through the SAS Online Portal.

When should I make an appointment?

Typically, the best time to schedule an appointment to explore accommodations is when both the online Intake Form and documentation have been submitted. Our office will notify you when we have received either of these forms. This will assist with a smoother process moving forward when renewing accommodations, and will provide SAS Counselors with helpful information when assessing for reasonable accommodations. However, you are welcome to schedule an appointment at any time.

How long will it take for SAS to notify me after I submit an intake form on the SAS online portal?

Please allow for three business days (excluding weekends and holidays).