Supporting Students with Disabilities

Faculty and staff also play an integral role in the success of students with disabilities. 

Ways You Can Support  Students with Disabilities:

· Always maintain confidentiality regarding student disability information.

· Include a statement about disabilities (as suggested below) on your  syllabus to show awareness of the needs of students with disabilities.

· Meet with students to review/accept SEAS letters.

· If a note taker is requested, please manage the  Note Taker announcement process confidentially .

· Arrange for extra time on tests.

· Contact SEAS for support, if needed.

· Refer any student to SEAS that you suspect may need evaluation or possible SEAS support.

· Be flexible when students have scheduling conflicts due to extended time testing.

· Work with students as much as possible even if the accommodations request is provided on short notice.

Include a Syllabus Statement such as:

Brown University is committed to full inclusion of all students.  Please inform me if you have a disability or other condition that might require accommodations or modification of any of these course procedures. You may speak with me after class or during office hours. For more information contact Student and Employee Accessibility Services at  401-863-9588 or”