Brown University

Beatles, Books, Bombs, and Beyond

by Robert John Deluca
Stanley Kramer, May 2017   ISBN: 978-1-54299-808-6
Price: $12.00

At the start of the 1960's several bright-eyed young men walk on to one of America's most liberal universities, with no idea that society is about to boil over and leave the country changed forever. They sign up to become Marine Officer Candidates just as the rising tide of anti-military sentiment is flooding all aspects of campus life.
Yet, they prosper and remain steadfast in their conviction to answer their country's call. They are fun-loving, serious, naive, immature, and mostly dependable, all in one package. They study, play sports, party, drink beer, chase girls, horse around, fall in love, graduate, get married and have kids. They are commissioned, and go off to war in Vietnam. Some of them never return, and those that do are scorned by the very people whose freedom they all sought to ensure.

About the Author:
Robert John Deluca is a Vietnam veteran, who served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and is a 1966 graduate of Brown University. He has written three novels and two works of non-fiction and resides in Friendswood, TX.