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Countdown City: The Last Policeman: Book II

by Ben H. Winters
Quirk, July 2013   ISBN: 978-159474626-0
Price: $14.95


"If you haven't read Winters' The Last Policeman, then you need to stop reading this right now, pick up that book (which can be found in our Mystery section!), and enjoy its dark beauty of a murder mystery set against the backdrop of the end of the world.

If you have read The Last Policeman, however, then the story continues with Countdown City.  With only 77 days remaining before the massive asteroid Maia collides with the earth, society has fallen into even greater chaos. Detective Henry Palace decides to use his skills to locate a missing husband - even in a world that is, by every definition, coming to an end.

Countdown City is likely to be, simultaneously, one of the most upsetting and suspenseful books you'll ever read - besides, of course, The Last Policeman.  Read these books now, and see how the world ends...while finding hope and beauty in some of the most unexpected ways."

— Reviewed by Barry