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The Lowland

by Jhumpa Lahiri
Knopf, September 2013   ISBN: 978-030726574-6
Price: $27.95

“A tale of two continents in an era of political tumult, rendered with devastating depth and clarity by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author. The narrative proceeds from the simplicity of a fairy tale into a complex novel of moral ambiguity and aftershocks, with revelations that continue through decades and generations until the very last page…The story of two brothers in India who are exceptionally close to each other, and yet completely different, the novel spans more than four decades in the life of [their] family, shaped and shaken by the events that have brought them together and tear them apart…Lahiri has earned renown for her short stories, [yet] this masterful novel deserves to attract an even wider readership.”-—Kirkus (starred review)

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Tickets still available at the bookstore for her author event on Sunday, October 6th at 2pm.