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Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and Eat

by Bee Wilson
Basic Books, October 2013   ISBN: 978-046505697-2
Price: $16.00

"Since prehistory, humans have braved sharp knives, fire, and grindstones to transform raw ingredients into something delicious--or at least edible. Tools shape what we eat, but they have also transformed 'how' we consume, and how we think about, our food. Technology in the kitchen does not just mean the Pacojets and sous-vide of the modernist kitchen. It can also mean the humbler tools of everyday cooking and eating: a wooden spoon and a skillet, chopsticks and forks...In Consider the Fork, award-winning food writer Bee Wilson provides a wonderful and witty tour of the evolution of cooking around the world, revealing the hidden history of everyday objects we often take for granted.”

— publisher description