Brown University

Global Interdependence: The World After 1945

by Akira Iriye, ed. & Jurgen Osterhammel, ed.
Belknap Press/Harvard , December 2013   ISBN: 978-067404572-9
Price: $39.95

"Global Interdependence "provides a new account of world history from the end of World War II to the present, an era when transnational communities began to challenge the long domination of the nation-state.  In this single-volume survey, leading scholars elucidate the political, economic, cultural, and environmental forces that have shaped the planet in the past sixty years...Combining these different perspectives, volume editor Akira Iriye presents a model of transnational historiography in which individuals and groups enter history not primarily as citizens of a country but as migrants, tourists, artists, and missionaries--actors who create networks that transcend traditional geopolitical boundaries."

— publisher description