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Pantone Color Puzzles: 6 Color-Matching Puzzles

by Tad Carpenter, Ill.
Harry N. Abrams, October 2013   ISBN: 978-141970939-5
Price: $16.95

"In this fourth Pantone offering for the preschool set, children learn to match shades of each of the six basic colors in a self-correcting format. Each spread focuses on variations of a single color category (such as "purple"), featuring a full-bleed tonal illustration on the left side of the spread and a grid of shades on the right.  The illustration has four removable puzzle pieces that fit into the four associated quadrants, arranged by shade.  This puzzle book enables young children to further their color familiarity in a uniquely engaging way, strengthening both their visual acuity and their spatial and fine motor skills.  An appropriately challenging and satisfying matching book for toddlers, preschoolers, and color-conscious adults."

— publisher description