Brown University


by Lily King
Atlantic Monthly Press, June 2014   ISBN: 978-080212255-1
Price: $25.00

"Lily King steps away from what she knows (realistic fiction set in and around Maine) to imagine Margaret Mead in 1930s Papua New Guinea.  Nell (Margaret Mead) and her husband Fen are looking for a new tribe to study.  They eventually meet up with a fellow anthropologist, Bankson, and form a companionship that is sometimes more than that.  The anthropological details are compelling and the hot and steamy weather reflects the relationship between Nell, Fen, and Bankson.  Read it on the beach, or, better yet, during a summer thunderstorm to mirror this electric, charged tale."--Reviewed by Percy

P.S.  A good non-fiction companion read is Carl Hoffman's Savage Harvest, set in the same area about the disappearance of Michael Rockerfeller in the 1960s.

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