Brown University

Fourth of July Creek

by Smith Henderson
Ecco, May 2014   ISBN: 978-006228644-4
Price: $26.99

"Pete Snow, a social worker in rural Montana in the 1970s, puts all his energy in helping his cases as a social worker, yet doesn't know how to fix his broken family life.  He also drinks too much to not deal with his pain.  He meets 11 year old Benjamin whose father, Jeremiah Pearl,  is an anti-government survivalist.  Events heat up and tensions run high as the FBI is interested in the Pearls too.  Pete's efforts to help don't always have the desired effect and he ends up too involved, immersed in the Pearl's world.  As they say, the best of intentions...,which propels this story about learning to deal with life's shortcomings."--Reviewed by Percy

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