Brown University

Bird Box

by Josh Malerman
Ecco, May 2014   ISBN: 978-006225965-3
Price: $25.99

Bird Box has become a staff favorite, and our main horror fan, Barry,  hasn't even read it yet.  So far, Mania, Percy, and Tova have read it, and couldn't put it down, probably because we couldn't sleep because we were so scared.  Some nightmares have been reported.

"When Josh Malerman says, 'Don't open your eyes,' he means it.  Something is out there and driving people insane.  This leads to a life lived inside, in the dark.  A few people band together to get through.  Eventually, one leaves to make a dangerous trek to, hopefully, a safe haven.  This tense, tight story will keep you up, but also scared to open your eyes."--Reviewed by Percy

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