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A Trio on Transportation - Cars, Planes & Trains

by Cars: Simon Heptinstall & Planes: R.G. Grant & Trains: Philip Steele
Thunder Bay Press, July 2014   ISBN:
Price: $19.95 each

Three books that cover the history of cars, planes and trains with 50 easy-to-make models, each a model-making and a collector's book in one.  $19.95 each.

Cars: A Complete History puts that sense of 'engine-uity' back into the collector's hands by providing 50 press-out models of the world's most distinguished vehicles, along with an informative and entertaining account of each car's role in automobile history in a fun and imaginative two-part book...Amazing feats of innovation and engineering, iconic vehicles are not just stylish and powerful, they're irresistible symbols of status, freedom, and progress.

Planes: A Complete History offers an exciting look at the most exemplary representations of innovation in aviation history in a fun and interactive two-part book.  Nothing seems to capture the imagination of humankind quite like the ability to fly, and just over a hundred years ago, that dream became a reality. Over the last century, planes have progressed in ways that would astound their earliest makers, and flying machines continue to inspire wonder in passengers and viewers alike. 

Trains: A Complete History provides an excellent overview of the train models that were groundbreaking in their respective eras.  An icon of the Industrial Revolution, railroads were essential to the progress of the 19th and 20th centuries. Today's trains travel at speeds up to 268 miles per hour and continue to push the limits.

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