Brown University

Razor Girl

by Carl Hiaasen
Knopf, September 2016   ISBN: 978-038534974-1
Price: $27.95

"My mother first introduced me to Carl Hiaasen when I was sick with the flu in high school.  I needed something to do while I was awake and could barely move, so I read all of his works up to that point.  All of his books are good, some are amazing, and then there are ones that are so amazing they are like nothing else you have ever read. 

Razor Girl, his newest, is one of those books, it is out of this world hysterical, edgy, and most importantly, answers some of today's burning questions: Can you shave and drive at the same time?  How do you handle a monstrosity being built obstructing your amazing water view?  Or what to do with an erection lasting longer than four hours if you don't want to go to the doctor?

This book is honestly laugh out loud, one of his finest. Read it and weep, and then maybe go get yourself a clean razor!"--Reviewed by Margo